Xbox 720 and Wii U Release Date Rumors: Clues Point to November Nintendo Drop

The console battle is heating up with new reports surrounding the Wii U and the Xbox 720 release dates coming soon after one another. Rumors point to the Wii U having a November release date, where as the Xbox 720 is likely to drop some time in 2013.

Analysts have pointed to new game listings, which they believe point to a November release date for the Wii U. According to reports D3 Publisher has announced that its game "Rise of the Guardians" will be released on November 23 for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and yes the Wii U.

However, this is not the only hint that the Wii U will be released in November; Sega and Ubisoft have both announced Wii U game versions to be released in November as well. "Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed" and "Rayman Legends" will be released in November on the Wii U.

However, despite these strong hints Nintendo has still not officially confirmed the date its Wii U will drop.

Meanwhile, the Xbox 720 is expected to have a 2013 release date and in recent days analysts have come out to suggest it will be available for just $100 with a contract. It will allegedly be released as a dual console and cable TV box according to latest rumors.

The current Xbox 360 has led the console market for more than four years now, however, declining sales are indicating that it may be due a revamp, and the name Xbox 720 has been touted. With the market endlessly changing, it has now been highlighted that Microsoft could be about to change the console market forever.

Wdbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has reported that he believes Microsoft's Xbox 720 will feature as both a console and a cable box, allowing the console to be purchased for the relatively low price of $100 along with a standard Cable TV contract.

Pachter has said, "Console will have to be multiple purpose devices, though. The Xbox 720, this is my prediction, is going to be your television as well [as your game console]. You'll be able to tune into television through it," according to INC Gamers.

Microsoft is rumored to have either already commenced or be about to commence discussions with TV service providers to pave the way for the landmark deal that is likely to change the world of gaming forever.

Pachter added: "I'm pretty confident that in the US Microsoft is going to partner with a cable TV provider, so I expect that the console will be priced like a smart phone. I expect you'll be paying $99 for the console with a cable TV subscription."