Xbox 720 Release Date: Console Will Not Be Launched in 2013

The Xbox 720 may not be launched until 2014 if new reports are to be believed. The news is likely to leave millions of gaming fans disappointed, who were hoping for a release date sometime in 2013.

The Xbox 720 is one of the most eagerly awaited consoles for years, and Xbox fans are waiting to get their hands on the latest release. However, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan has claimed that the Xbox 720 will most likely not be released until 2014.

Pachter has said in an industry note: "We have heard no word yet from Microsoft or Sony about their plans to launch new consoles, but both manufacturers are widely expected to launch consoles by year-end 2013."

He added, "Although, we believe that Microsoft could delay a new console launch until spring of 2014 in order to accommodate what is certain to be overwhelming demand among hardcore gamers."

Meanwhile, a major games developer has suggested that single player titles for future consoles such as the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be on a major decline in coming years.

According to the developers of the Wipeout series of racing games, the focus in future years will be towards offering multiplayer games, particularly those that focus on social interaction.

Graeme Ackers, a developer at Studio Liverpool, told Eurogamer: "Affecting your mate's single-player career could be something really fun to do, and something we're going to look at to do. You don't want to switch on your console and fall out of your social sphere, and I think that's going to become one of the big things."

Ackers also added, "I think in five, 10 years from now it's going to be really challenging for anyone to do a successful game that isolates the player."

However, the exciting future for gaming will not stop there, as Ackers believes that in the future there will be a lot more cross-platform features available for users.

He believes that everything will be geared towards increasing the social experience.

"I'd love to be playing on the PS3 but my daughter could have the Vita and be doing stuff, and interacting in the same game world. There are definite possibilities in there, and I think developers will start taking more advantage of it in time," Ackers added.