Xbox 720 Release Date: Microsoft Documents Reveal Information on Xbox 720

Public company information linked to some past and present Microsoft employees points to the existence of the Xbox 720.

Microsoft employee Jeff Faulkner's job profile stated that he's been working under the title of "Xbox Next Gen Creative Director" since Jan. 2011, where he "guides the vision for Xbox's User Experience Design across Social Media, User Experience, Entertainment, Gesture and Voice Input, Information Design and Brand and Visual design."

This may point to his involvement with the Xbox 720 and its future integrated content services.

Jonathan Harris, Senior Creative Director for Xbox, has a job description with some clues in it as well.

His states that he's been "designing the next generation of entertainment" for the past 14 months.

Patrick Corrigan was also an employee for Microsoft from February 2011 to June 2011. His job description is as follows: "Providing groundwork and integration for branding elements for next-gen Xbox on all forms of media. Ranging from print to UI across future releases of the Xbox platform."

Microsoft's interns may also be working on the Xbox 720.

Xbox Hardware Intern Joe Lagevin has "designed and simulated high speed data buses to prevent electromagnetic interference in next-gen devices."

Develop reported that the company and its industry associates are working towards a 2013 launch of the next generation Xbox.

A number of sources have noted that gamers should expect to get their first glimpse of the console at E3 2013, months before its official release.

These rumors point to a 2013 launch for the system across all main regions, though early 2014 also remains a possibility.

Some analysts predict that the next Xbox video game console won't be in stores before the holiday side of 2013. Microsoft's main focus is said to be on its Xbox 360, Kinect motion sensor and Windows Phone.

No official word has been heard on behalf of Microsoft yet.