Xbox 720 Specs: Console to Integrate Broadcast TV

Rumors regarding the Xbox 720 specs seem to be changing as the console's May 21 reveal approaches.

The next-generation Microsoft gaming system will be capable of integrating a user's cable or satellite signal into a unified user interface, according to a new report from The Verge.

The console will connect to set-top boxes via HDMI and combine broadcast content with its interactive interface. Microsoft is currently working with content partners to offer more streamlined integration with the service, according to the report.

Kinect will also play a role in this new Broadcast TV integration. The motion sensor on the Kinect portion of the console will detect where the user's eyes are and will pause the video once they look away. This is similar to the Smart Pause feature found on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

Other rumors point to the Xbox 720 not allowing users to play games while the system is offline.

The gaming console will suspend games or applications when not connected to the internet, according to an older report from the Japanese site Kotaku.

"If the connection is interrupted then after a period of time-currently three minutes, if I remember correctly-the game [or] app is suspended and the network troubleshooter started," an anonymous inside source told Kotaku.

Other sources revealed that this requirement could change over time and others have stated that they have no knowledge of this internet connection requirement.

The Xbox 720 rumors also state that the system will require users to install each and every game they purchase directly onto the console's hard drive.

Every Microsoft console will come with a hard drive large enough to store many games on it. This was discovered from screenshots that were leaked earlier this month which revealed information on the console's set up.