Xbox 720 to be Compatible With Skype?

Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating Skype into its Xbox video gaming console, according to a recent job posting released by the company.

The company is seeking out software developers who could assist with the process of implementing the communication application into its console.

"We're building the next generations of our products and technology right here in London and Skype is looking to hire a Software Development Engineer to contribute to the development of our experiences on Xbox," said Microsoft on a job posting on its website.

Whether the company is planning to add Skype to the Xbox 360 or next-gen Microsoft console is unclear.

Microsoft purchased Skype last year for $8 billion. This was one of the largest software acquisitions to ever be made. The move by Microsoft led most to believe that implementing the software into the Xbox console was a no brainer for the company.

The fact that Microsoft just started looking for an engineer shows that Skype will not appear on an Xbox for quite awhile. It also points to the software appearing on the next-generation device rather than the Xbox 360.

And even though Microsoft said it will support the 360 for a long time, the company still plans to unveil its next-generation system sometime next year.

The rumored name for the system is the Xbox 720, but that is still subject to change since nothing has been confirmed about it from Microsoft.

It is also rumored to not use a disk drive, but rather employ an online market where new titles can be downloaded. This will eliminate used gaming since every title will only be available on the console it was downloaded on.

Sony's next generation console, rumored to be called "Orbis," is also likely to employ this type of strategy with its games.