Xbox Live Games with Gold August 2014, Sale Titles on Discount - Week 2

The Games with Gold service is an Xbox exclusive service for users with an Xbox Live Gold Membership. Every month, Microsoft provides its gold members with free games that they can download to their Xbox 360 or Xbox One. In addition to free games, the members are also offered steep discounts on various game titles every week.

For the month of August, Xbox Live is offering three free games as well as six discounted titles for August 11-17.

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"Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut" and "Crimson Dragon" are Xbox One titles while "Motocross Madness" is an Xbox 360 title.

"Strike Suit Zero" is a sci-fi game where the player takes control of a Strike Suit – a spacecraft with the ability to transform into a hulking space armor – in a bid to save Earth from destruction.

"Crimson Dragon" is a flight-based shooter game where the player takes control of a dragon to free humanity from the rule of dragons.

The last free title, "Motocross Madness," is a racing game where players race across nine off-road tracks in off-road motocross bikes. Players can engage in single-player events, ghost challenges, and 8-player multiplayer races.

As for discounted titles, discounts go as high as 75 percent. "Call of Duty: Ghosts" is on a 50 percent discount, from $60 to just $30. "Terraria – Xbox 360 Edition" is on a 65 percent discount, from $15 to just $5. Three "Rock Band 3" titles are on 50 percent discount; the original title, "The Doors Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition," and "The Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition" are now being offered for $10.

The last title is "Angry Birds Star Wars" without any discount and is selling for $40.

For more details about the titles, visit the Xbox Live website.