Xbox One Backward Compatibility List Update: "Splinter Cell: Conviction" Joins the Program

UbisoftPlay as Sam Fisher as he uncovers the truth about his daughter's death in "Splinter Cell: Conviction."

Get ready to snap some necks and sneak in the shadows as "Splinter Cell: Conviction" joins the Xbox One backward compatibility program, further expanding the list of classic games available for Xbox One owners to purchase and re-experience (or perhaps experience for the first time).

Director of programming at Microsoft Larry Hryb, better known by his gamertag Major Nelson, tweeted out the announcement a few days ago confirming that the fifth major installment of Ubisoft's "Splinter Cell" franchise is now available on Xbox One.

First released in 2010, "Splinter Cell: Conviction" follows the story of Sam Fisher as he uses his connections to try and unearth the truth behind his daughter's death in the previous game. As with all games in the franchise, players must take advantage of the shadows, an assortment of gadgets, and Sam's own athletic ability in order to traverse the various levels in however way they want. It was well received when it first launched and maintains a respectable 85 percent average on Metacritic.

This new addition brings up the total number of games in the backward compatibility program to 464, a rather hefty number that just further expands the Xbox library and assures gamers that their older purchases do not go to waste even if they no longer own their old consoles.

However, there is more in the news regarding the classic Xbox. Players that truly want to travel back in time and fully immerse themselves in days gone by can now pre-order the Xbox One Duke controller from GameStop for only $69.99. Designed to be an exact replica of the original Xbox controller, the Duke is bulky, thick, and heavy with nostalgia. The Duke is scheduled to release by the end of March.

Xbox One backward compatibility is a completely free service as long as the Microsoft account had owned the specific title before. If they owned in through physical media only, simply inserting the disc to the console will allow them to download it straight to their machine and add it to their account. Likewise, anyone that did not own these games can still purchase them digitally should they want to.