Xbox One Controller to Have $60 Price Tag at launch

The Xbox One just unveiled a $60 price tag for their controller, if a buyer opts to buy a second controller other than the one included with the console.

Retailing at a price of $59.99, the Play and Charge Kit will be $74.99, according to CNET.

The price tag of the Xbox One already stands at $499, so the addition of a second control may have to wait for some users, unless a third party option is available.

Microsoft is making the control worthwhile as they announced a slew of improvements and features over the Xbox 360 model.

While the analog sticks remain mostly the same except for a deeper concave and the X,Y,B, and A buttons are the same albeit a bit closer, major improvements have been made to the D-Pad reports Tech Radar. This change will vastly improve a player's performance in fighting games as the D-Pad promises to be more directionally efficient.

The Xbox Home or Guide button has been relocated to the very top of the controller to keep from getting in players' way with accidental button pushes.

The Start and Back buttons have been removed in favor of the new View and Menu buttons.

Tech Radar also reports a complete re-haul of the trigger and bumper buttons on top of the controller. The bumpers have grown drastically in size and the triggers are now protruding more out of the back of the controller -- an improvement that makes handling more natural.

In the center of the top of the controller is an infrared sensor that syncs and connects with Kinect (Xbox's motion sensor) automatically once picked up. Another feature that is on its way is the remote's ability to pick up on where the player is sitting and changing the split screen of a multi-player game to adapt on the arrangement.

Impulse rumble features on the controller will function independently depending on the game scenario. For example, when firing a gun in a game like Call of Duty, holding down the R button on the right of the controller will vibrate that side only.

The remote will still work with two AA batteries with the Charge and Play kit sold separately. Microsoft says the new chargeable batteries in that kit will last a lot longer.

Microsoft also made the new controller lighter, sleeker, and tighter, with Tech Radar citing the company had female and smaller-handed gamers in mind.

Overall, the Xbox One's minor changes to an already great controller have pushed the console into an exceptional gaming experience.