Xbox One Future Software Updates Detailed by Phil Spencer

Microsoft's Phil Spencer took to Twitter this week and discussed some of the new features that will appear in future Xbox One software updates.

He confirmed that a new feature will be available that allows Xbox One players to share their screenshots directly on social media through the console. Spencer revealed this while responding to a curious fan.

"Any plans to bring the ability to share in game screenshots to say social networks? i.e twitter?" tweeted fan jmarris09.

Spencer's response confirmed that the feature is coming.

"Yea, this is the list for the monthly updates, team is making great progress on the updates. More features to come," he said.

However, he did not say what month it would be available. Another change expected to roll out in the coming updates includes apps moving to the free side of the Xbox Live Gold paywall.

Microsoft released the Xbox One console at the end of last year.

The system features 8GB of RAM, an 8-Core CPU, 500GB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI in and out ports, USB 3.0, 802.11n wireless, and a built-in Kinect sensor. Microsoft describes the Xbox One as an "all in one system" that is made for encompassing games, entertainment and television all into one device.

The Xbox One is designed to improve over time thanks to cloud computing. The console has have the ability to communicate with servers in the cloud to increase the computational potential of the system. Xbox One Director of development Boyd Multerer commented on the relationship around the time of the console's release.

"[As a developer] I can start doing things like shifting latency insensitive things to the cloud. You may have a limited number of transistors in your house, but you have an unlimited number of transistors in the cloud," he said.