Xbox One Pre Order: Day One Edition Available at Best Buy in 'Limited Quantities'

Xbox One "Day One" pre-orders round two are now available at Best Buy after selling out last month.

According to Best Buy, they will haver the console in "limited quantities," but will have the shipment in time for the Nov. 22 launch date.

It is not certain if Best Buy is the only retailer to receive a second batch of Day One consoles, reports CNET.

Previously an announcement said that Xbox One Day One consoles will be delayed past launch date, Microsoft said these orders will now be fulfilled.

"All Day One pre-orders will be fulfilled as planned at launch," a spokesperson for the company told

Commenters on various sites have said their Day One shipment will arrive on Nov. 30, which completely defeats the purpose of the "Day One" tag, as the console will be arriving on Nov. 22.

The Day One edition and standard edition console are officially sold out everywhere, and some reports said the standard edition may not be ready until December.

Up until Best Buy's announcement, rumors were that the second batch of consoles may not be ready until Dec. 31.

The Day One edition will include the Kinect sensor, chat headset, HDMI cable, Xbox One controller with a special monogram, and a special Day One achievement on the Xbox One itself for $499.

The standard console with include all of that minus the monogram and achievement for the same price.
Large electronic retailers such as Toys R' Us, Gamestop, and even Microsoft's own site are not even offering pre-orders at this time.

Microsoft previously cut the number of countries they were launching the console on in order to combat shortages, but the demand was still too high.

One of the reasons why the Xbox One will not be available to the original 21 countries as promised was because of the time it takes for all the newer features to be translated into various languages.

Albert Penello, Microsoft's Director of Marketing, said the systems would be "worldwide signed," meaning anyone from any country could buy an Xbox One.

Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland were all cut from the launch date.