Xbox One Software Update Preview for March Patch Offered to Select Players

The Xbox One software update scheduled to roll out in March can now be previewed by select Xbox One players.

Microsoft announced today that it will be sending out invites to select Xbox One players who will be able to preview the new features coming to the console in March.

"Selected participants will receive Xbox Live message with a token to register," said Major Nelson on the Xbox website. "The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out future waves."

The March update is expected to bring enhancements to the multiplayer and party experiences for the console. Players will be able to access their friends list faster, chat with those playing other games and turning party chat on by default.

Microsoft first announced plans to roll out two software updates for the Xbox One that will improve current features at the beginning of this month.

One of these improvements will included fixing the problematic Party system.

Other additions with the software updates include the ability to manage the console's storage space so users will be able to control the order that content installs and watch updates progress and view and organize their games and apps in separate lists. They will also be able to see how much battery power remains in their controller right on their home screen and use USB keyboards with the Xbox One.

Microsoft's chief product officer Marc Whitten recently discussed the March update with Engadget recently stating that it will consolidate features such as Friend Lists, Parties, Avatars and Achievements all into one place to address some of the complaints of players who said they were too spread out.