Xbox One Software Update to Improve Graphics

Microsoft is planning to release a new software update that will improve the graphics on the Xbox One.

Gaming insider Pete Doss recently told Hot Hardware that Microsoft will relax GPU requirements on Kinect in order to improve graphical performance. The console currently reserves 10 percent of its total GPU power for Kinect and with only 8 percent of that for video processing.

The new update will free up that 8 percent for gameplay and will leave the remaining 2 for voice input processing.

The Xbox One's graphical performance was recently criticized due to the PS4 version of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition looking much better than Microsoft's port. The patch could allow the console to produce a steadier frame rate at around 30 FPS. However, it still will not be able to perform at the same level as the PS4.

Another Xbox One software update is on the way that will improve social features on the console.

Microsoft's chief product officer Marc Whitten revealed to Engadget that the update will consolidate features such as Friend Lists, Parties, Avatars and Achievements all into one place to address some of the complaints of players who said they were too spread out.

"The feedback we've gotten is pretty valid," he said. "Some of the social stuff is hidden or harder to use than it was on the Xbox 360. So you're gonna see us come out with an update where, well, we're going to fix those things."

He also elaborated on the work the company is doing to address complaints.

"As a person who's been pretty involved in building Xbox Live for the last decade, I take it pretty seriously when people say it's harder to get into a party, and the defaults aren't right, and I don't like the model. So what I'm trying to do with the team is kind of theme some stuff up," he continued. "Let's take an update and really go through a big list of what we're hearing from customers, what we know is broken with the architecture, areas that we want to improve or complete. I think that's a theme you'll really see us push on- that Live experience."