Xbox One Specs Get Update: New Changes Improve Graphics

The Xbox One is a different console than the one Microsoft showed off at E3, aside from reworked features and policies they have upped the graphics as well.

"Since E3 we've dropped in what we internally call our 'mono driver,'" Xbox executive Marc Whitten said in a podcast. "It's our graphics driver that really is 100 percent optimized for the Xbox One hardware."

The company has increased the system's internal clock speed from GPU from 800 MHz to 852 MHz, and says the closer they get to the final console the closer they are to perfecting it.

"The time where you start tweaking the knobs because either your theory was right dead-on or you were a little too conservative or you were a little too aggressive," Whitten said.

New changes to the Xbox include the Smart Match system which will used algorithms to pair players based on their skill set, language, and reputation.

"We're really getting into our ability to rethink how we do matching to make sure you get into the matches that you want and that game developers really have the ability to tailor those around both your skill -- which has always been something we've spent a lot of time on -- but also a lot of other factors," Whitten said in the podcast.

"When you see your gamer card we want you to see your reputation, we want you to be able to see the reputation of the people you're playing with or your friends," Whitten continued. "We want it to be front and center. We want it to be something you can track, that you understand where you are. Then we also want it to … be able to fit back into the system so that it's a real part of how the system works, end-to-end."

Another cool feature which distinguishes the new console from its predecessor, the 360, is the ability to do more while waiting. For the Xbox 360 player to play online, they would have to wait for players to join. While waiting on the Xbox one, a user can play another game or even surf the web.

Microsoft's system will launch in the U.K. on Nov. 29 according to The Toys 'R Us website.

Xbox has confirmed the November date, but not the exact day.