Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Price Drops to $474.99

The Xbox One Titanfall bundle price dropped to just $474.99 earlier this week.

In order to receive this discount from the normal $499.99 tag, customers must text MSHS to the number 29502 to get a unique coupon code that they will then be able to use on their bundle purchase.

GameStop U.K. customers can  pre-order the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle that will retail for £370 which is £30 below the normal £400 price tag. Microsoft also announced price cuts for its new console earlier this month as it will drop from £430 to £400 starting this Friday.

This deal is only valid in the U.K. However, GameStop is running a different promotion in the states that allows customers to trade-in any system toward the Titanfall bundle and gain an extra 50 percent in-store credit. Users can also gain 30 percent extra when reserving the game only. This offer expires on March 23.

The Xbox One Bundle Titanfall Bundle will be released tomorrow.

Microsoft announced the new package earlier this month that gives those interested the game and the system for $500. The game that comes with it will be the downloadable version.

It is going to be a promotion that will be available in several major territories as it was also confirmed for release in the U.K. starting on the same date. The Titanfall bundle normally saves buyers a total of $60.

Players who decide to broadcast the game early through their Twitch streaming service without "express written permission" could face a "Digital Millennium Copyright Act suspension."

Those in places where the game has been leaked prematurely streamed the game over the weekend. This alerted Microsoft to the issue. It is also on general sale in United Arab Emirates.