Xbox One Titanfall Bundle Release Date Set for March 11

A new Xbox One Bundle that includes the hit game Titanfall will be released on March 11.

Microsoft announced the new package earlier today that will give those interested the game and the system for $500. The game that comes with it will be the downloadable version.

It also seems like this is going to be a promotion that will be available in several major territories as it was also confirmed for release in the U.K. starting on the same date. The system itself will also receive a significant discount as the price will be slashed by $50. This is the only price cut available on the Xbox at this time. However, the Titanfall bundle saves buyers a total of $60.

The Xbox One software update scheduled to roll out in March can now be previewed by select Xbox One players.

Microsoft announced last week that it would be sending out invites to select Xbox One players who will be able to preview the new features coming to the console in March.

"Selected participants will receive Xbox Live message with a token to register," said Major Nelson on the Xbox website. "The next system update will begin rolling out next week to those who will preview the new features. Once registered, participants will be able to test early features included in the update and provide feedback on a private forum and can opt out future waves."

The March update is expected to bring enhancements to the multiplayer and party experiences for the console. Players will be able to access their friends list faster, chat with those playing other games and turning party chat on by default.

Microsoft first announced plans to roll out two software updates for the Xbox One that will improve current features at the beginning of this month.