Xbox One X Updates Can Now Be Tested by Anyone, Here's How

Want to experience what it's like to own an Xbox One X before everyone does? Good news, because Microsoft has made some big changes to its Xbox Insider Program which allows gamers to beta test Xbox updates before they are made available to the general public.

MicrosoftA promotional photo of the Xbox One X.

While the service itself is readily available for all, it has a tier system which affects how early players can try out upcoming system updates. There are four tiers in total, namely Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega.

Omega is the lowest tier and grants players access to updates that are more or less ready to be released. Not really the insider experience for most players. After Omega, each tier allows testing of updates at a progressively earlier time, which makes Alpha as the epitome of tests.

Given that the Xbox One X's release is less than three months away, anyone who has at least an Omega-level access can test updates for the console. So, for those who are not yet part of the Xbox Insider Program, here is the chance to try it out.

Getting into the program is now easier than before. All interested players have to do is download the Xbox Insider Hub app. To do this, simply go to "My Games and Apps" on the Xbox One dashboard, select "Updates," and from there, select the said option.

To rise through the ranks of the Xbox Insider Program, there are a few requirements players must accomplish. For the Delta tier, players must be an Insider for at least one month and at least a level 2 Insider. Players can gain levels by providing feedback, completing reports and surveys, and participating in Xbox Insider Hub polls.

Beta tier pretty much involves the same process and only requires more time and higher levels. Alpha tier, however, is still exclusive and is only available to a select number of users.

The Xbox One X is set to be released on Nov. 7.