Xbox Titanfall Bundle Price Drops: Allows Users to Save $20 on Xbox Live

The purchase of an Xbox Titanfall bundle will cause the price of a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription to drop by $20.

Those who buy it in the near future will be able to get a year of the online service for just $39.99 instead of the normal $59.99 tag. All they have to do is check of the small box for the promotion under the Titanfall bundle listing in Microsoft's official online store before purchasing.

The Xbox One Bundle Titanfall Bundle was released earlier this week.

Microsoft announced the new package this month that gives those interested the game and the system for $500. The game that comes with it is the downloadable version.

It is a promotion that will be available in several major territories as it was also confirmed for release in the U.K. starting on March 11. The Titanfall bundle normally saves buyers a total of $60.

Players who decided to broadcast the game early through their Twitch streaming service without "express written permission" could have faced a "Digital Millennium Copyright Act suspension."

Those in places where the game was leaked prematurely streamed it and were reprimanded. This alerted Microsoft to the issue. It is also on general sale in United Arab Emirates.

Titanfall is also one of the most anticipated games to be released for the console as it is expected to stir up more interest for it. Microsoft is currently struggling to keep up with Sony as the PS4 has been outselling the Xbox One significantly in various markets. Part of the reason for this is that the PS4 is at least $100 cheaper. The addition of this Titanfall bundle could help Xbox catch up.