'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' News: Why Tora and Poppi Are the Game's Most Unique Characters

Tora and Poppi differ from the other Drivers and Blades in the game
Twitter courtesy of @XenobladeJPTora and Poppi working together inside 'Xenoblade Chronicles 2'

"Xenoblade Chronicles 2" features quite the unique cast of characters. But even among these remarkable individuals, there are two who really stand out from the rest.

Those two are Tora and Poppi, two of the game's main characters and the most different ones as well.

Tora differs from the other main characters present in the game in a few ways. For one, he belongs to the Nopon race. The Nopon are small, round-shaped creatures that have an extra set of limbs. Tora is thus far the only Nopon confirmed to be a playable character.

Tora is also unlike the other main characters because he is neither a Driver nor a Blade. He definitely harbors a desire to become a Driver, but as developers noted, "he lacks the aptitude" to become one.

The resourceful and industrious Tora is not one to give up on his dreams so quickly, however, and so he has found another way to become a kind of Driver inside "Xenoblade Chronicles 2."

Instead of finding a Core Crystal that may contain a Blade, Tora has chosen to make a Blade himself, and his creation is named Poppi.

It is not just her origin story that makes Poppi a Blade different from the others included in the game, as the way she gains new abilities is also unique. According to the Xenoblade Wiki, Poppi can be developed in the game using Poppiswap. Poppiswap is a process that can only be used for the aforementioned artificial Blade, and with it, players can change her elemental affinity and even her skills.

One more thing worth noting about Tora and Poppi is that there is a special story focused on them that players will be able to hear about once they reach Chapter 4, according to screenwriter Yuichiro Takeda.

Tora and Poppi are just two of the main characters included in "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" and players will be able to meet the rest of the cast as soon as the game is released on Dec. 1.