New York Yankee Robinson Cano Wins Homerun Derby

The crowd at Chase Field in Arizona was given a treat last night as Robinson Cano wowed them with a number of tremendous homeruns en route to winning the Homerun Derby.

Cano slugged past Red Sox 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez in a historic matchup of power, hitting a total of 32 homeruns compared to Gonzalez’s 31.

The night started with media attention firmly focused on Cano’s teammates, Yankee ace CC Sabathia and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, who made a historic 3,000th hit recently. However, they had decided to sit out last night for personal reasons and so the spotlight quickly moved to focus on the sluggers in front of the crowd.

Throughout the night Cano continued to steal that spotlight away from other batters with his glorious moon shots, including two that amassed 470 feet.

Cano used his picturesque swing to thrill spectators and players alike who were left in awe of the classic display of power.

Red Sox DH David Ortiz said in an interview with the Boston Herald, “That was an unbelievable show out there by Cano...What Cano did was unbelievable.”

Cano jumped out to a great start, hitting eight homeruns in the first round. He followed up with 10 homeruns in the next round and inched past Gonzalez in a final round.

Cano will now go on to participate in the All-Star game that airs on Fox 5 Tuesday evening. Cano is currently leading the Yankees’ batting averages with 0.296 and with total hits of 100.