Yankees Star Nick Swisher to Take Honeymoon in Afghanistan

Yankees outfielder Nick Swisher is taking his bride, Joanna Garcia, on a honeymoon to Afghanistan.

However, the athlete and the actress are not going to Afghanistan for romance – they’re going to support the troops.

Speaking to the New York Post at a charity event for Alabama tornado victims, Swisher said, “Three military officers came to the Yankee locker room and asked if any of us would like to visit the troops. My hand went straight up, I said, ‘I’m in.’ I knew Joanna would want to go. It will be our first trip since we got married.”

Swisher, who points to the sky after each home run in remembrance of his deceased grandmother, said his family background and desire to give something back helped make his quick decision.

“I come from a military family ... and no matter what your views are, these men and women are out there risking everything for us,” he said.

“I realize how fortunate I have been, so I like to give back at every opportunity I can. I don’t want to look back on my life when I am old, with my grandchildren around me, and think, ‘Man, I wish I’d done that. I’ve got one shot at this [life].”

The couple got married last December, but said work commitments have prevented them from being able to take a trip together.

“We are both really looking forward to visiting the troops,” said Garcia, who stars on ABC’s “Better With You.”

“Yes, it isn’t a traditional honeymoon, but it is something we both feel strongly about.”

After the troop visit, however, she’s hoping for something a little more traditional.

“We’ll probably make a stop in Europe on our way back,” she said.