Yankees Tickets Sex Line? Old Yankees Ticket Number Taken Over by Sex Hotline

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(Photo: Reuters / Ray Stubblebine)New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera follows through on a pitch as he faces the Colorado Rockies in the ninth inning of their MLB interleague baseball game at Yankee Stadium in New York, June 26, 2011.

Fans looking for Yankees tickets could end up dialing a sex line, after it was revealed recently that the toll-free phone number used by the New York MLB team and still listed in some places for Yankees' tickets has now been taken over by a sex hot line.

Some New York Yankees fans who had not been informed about the number change found themselves dialing the old toll free number, and instead of being given options over what games they wanted tickets for, they were greeted with a recording of a sultry female voice taking callers through the various options for the sex line.

The Google search for "Yankees box office phone number" also produces results of the old Yankees.com website, which has the old phone number on it and is now a sex line.

A New York Yankees spokesperson has said that the toll free number was last used by the team way back in 2009, and that it is unfortunate that an apparent internet listing still had the number for the team.

Spokeswoman Alice McGillion has said, "It's not a Yankee issue. It's an idiosyncratic thing with Google," according to the New York Post.

She added that fans had only used the "temporary" toll free number for seat relocations for a two year period in 2008 and 2009.

McGillion also confirmed that the Yankees had absolutely no control over what happens to old phone numbers it no longer used, and could not influence in any way what other companies may take over those numbers.

In the past similar incidents have taken place, including one in Florida where a hotline for domestic violence victims was disused and then later taken over by a sex line.

The real phone number for New York Yankees tickets is 1-800-YANKEES.