Yao Ming's Height Makes Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios Look Tiny

Yao Ming posed in a picture next to boxers Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios, who have an upcoming fight on Nov. 24 on Pay-Per-View. The former NBA big man, at 7-foot-6, has garnered more attention for his gigantic size than for anything else since his retirement two years ago.

Yao Ming's impressive height was made even more obvious when standing next to the two small-statured boxers Pacquiao and Rios, who measure 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-8, respectively. While on a promotional tour in China, the fighters made sure to meet Yao. The highly-anticipated fight will take place in Macau, although it is not known if Yao will make an appearance.

The trend of posing with Yao Ming to show his amazing height is far from a new one: since his retirement from the Houston Rockets, the super-sized player has taken a variety of pictures with other people and things. Yao is bigger than figure skater Michelle Kwan, a rhinoceros, a baby elephant, a waitress, other athletes and even all other famous centers in Rockets history, including the newly minted Dwight Howard.

Since leaving the NBA, Yao has also been involved in various philanthropies and business in China. He even will go back to school to pursue his education- "a promise to my parents," he said.

"In 2008, we founded a Yao Foundation. Our aim is to help people in Eastern China, Western China, the priority areas, to establish schools, to provide books to them, but also some other educational material and operators," he said at the Fortune Global Forum in June. "We have with the help of everybody established 14 schools, half of them in Sichuan Province. The other seven schools are in Gansu Province. "

Yao has also dipped his toe into other pursuits, like making basketball- China has its own league, the Chinese Basketball Association- more popular, and even dabbling in his own wine business.

"Different types of wine or liquor behind them you see a different culture. … I believe the red wine actually is like a lifestyle for everyday people," he said.