'Yeezianity' Religion Founder Revealed; Says Kanye West Is 'a Stepping Stone to Jesus'

The founder of "Yeezianity," a religion inspired by Kanye West, revealed his identity after anonymously beginning the cult movement through social media last month.

Brian Liebman, 23, of Westchester, N.Y., recently sat with U.K.-based The Daily Mail and described the motivation behind founding the religion, whose members believe West is a "divine being sent by God to usher in a new age of humanity."

"The idea of becoming like Jesus is intimidating, it is blinding. His perfection is so unbelievable, like looking at the sun," said Liebman. "But Yeezus [West] is attainable. People can be like that, so Yeezus, I believe, is a stepping stone to Jesus. In other words, Yeezus is a realistic current day model of Jesus."

According to The Daily Mail, Liebman is an aspiring musician and producer and a "privileged, ordinary white kid from the suburbs" who is unemployed, and living at his parents' house with no social life. However, soon after the article was published, Liebman took to Twitter saying that he was misrepresented.

"There were some serious inaccuracies in that article 1. I am not wealthy and never was 2. I am not 'unemployed,' I don't live off my parents," he wrote. "And the editors hacked all the substance of the interview out and exploited me, [expletive] tabloids, I have new empathy for Justin Bieber."

He also claims that the news outlet demanded him to reveal his identity or else they were not going to publish the story.

Liebman says he initially began the religion to get West's attention so he could then tweet about it to his millions of Twitter followers, which has not happened. However, the movement has gained momentum since it made headlines and now, over 1,000 "Ye'ciples" have become members through the Yeezianity website.

In addition to hoping to spark contact with West, he also anticipates the new religion will influence the artist's budding fashion career.

"I just really hope this opens the door for Kanye to do his fashion thing," said Liebman. "I can just see how he is passionate about it. If it can help with that in any way that would be awesome."

According to Yeezianity, West, who recently had a daughter with fiancée Kim Kardashian, "has shown the modern world the creative potential of a human being and he serves as a living model for behavior and ethic." Furthermore, members are required to adhere to five pillars based on human powers and human's abilities to "create everything he wants and needs."

Regarding West's claim that he is a god, as noted in a song he released last year, Liebman defended his idol and went as far as saying that the rapper is the next step in human evolution and is the only human who can attain the state of Christ.

"I think Kanye is hitting on the fact that human beings have a higher potential within them if they believe in it," said Liebman. "He is saying he wants to focus on that, the godlike part of himself rather than the sinner, rather than the flaws."

West, who released his sixth studio album Yeezus last year, told 106 KMEL FM last year that he doesn't have a "god complex" but he simply wants to be like Christ. "That's who I look up to the most ... Like that's my hero."

He added, "I am so happy that I was raised in a religion where we could actually portray God. In certain religions you're not allowed to."

According to the Yeezianity website, individuals become members once they take a photo or video of themselves holding a sign stating "I Believe In Yeezus."