Yoselyn Ortega: Krim Family Treated New York Nanny Who Killed Children 'Like Family' (Photos)

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(Photo: Marina Krim/LiveJournal)A photo Marina Krim posted on her blog, with husband Kevin and deceased daughter Lucia.

Details on Yoselyn Ortega have emerged Friday. The nanny who stabbed two young children to death on Thursday was reportedly treated "like family" by the Krim parents, before she murdered their two kids in a New York apartment yesterday.

The grandmother of the two slain children has now apparently spoken out about the nanny, according to the NY Daily News, saying the family "bent over backwards" for Ortega, and even paid for her travel expenses to go back and visit her family in her native Dominican Republic.

Karen Krim, the mother of the CNBC executive Kevin Krim, told the Daily News, "They just bent over backwards being nice to this woman. They were always doing things that were just fabulous for her. I'm just astounded, and I have no idea why something like this would happen."

She added, "They treated her like the family. My daughter-in-law, if she thought there was anything wrong, she would have never left the two with her. This had to be something simmering inside this woman. Obviously, she went insane. We're just having a really, really hard time here."

She added, "We're all falling apart ... It's the worst nightmare any parent could ever have," according to the Daily News.

Detectives have not yet been able to question Ortega, who has been placed in a medically induced coma in a NYC hospital. According to police Ortega lived with her son, her sister and a niece in Harlem. Her family has told police that she may have visited a psychologist recently or had been considering doing so, according to the New York Times.

(Photo: Reuters/Mike Segar)A police officer walks past as a woman and two children pause outside an apartment building where two children died in a stabbing, on New York City's upper west side of Manhattan early October 26, 2012. The children's mother returned home to the luxury New York City apartment on Thursday to find two of her young children stabbed to death in the bathtub, and the family's nanny was arrested as the suspect in the killings, police said.

Mom, Marina Krim, recently returned home to find her two year old son, Leo, and six year old daughter, Lulu, stabbed multiple times lying in a pool of blood in the bathtub. Their nanny was beside them with her wrists and throat cut, in what appears to have been a failed suicide attempt by 50 year old Ortega. Marina had been out with her other child - three year old, Nessie - and returned home to find the horrendous scene at the family's apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City at about 5.30 p.m.

Marina Krim's online blog consists mainly of photos of her family, and allows people to gain an insight into just how close and loving the family were. The blog documents trips to pick apples and visits to pumpkin patches among other family-orientated events.

The mother wrote in the blog, "One of the best parts of my day is after I drop both girls off at school and have 3 precious hours with little Lito all to myself. Ok, I'm near getting cheesy I adore this boy so much!!!"

"Lito, I must say, is a very clever little boy. He is super talkative and just has a million thoughts running through his brain and can express himself amazingly well for an almost-2 year old. I'm thinking he could be a Mini-Kevin," she also said

Even just hours before she discovered the horrific murders she had been posting new blogs into her page: "Leo speaks in the most adorable way possible."

She also wrote about her eldest daughter Lulu, who was killed in the attack on Thursday, blogging: "Lulu is in love. His name is Joakim, he's 1/2 British, 1/2 Swedish. He lives in our apartment building and speaks with a British accent, is a total hipster and we love his parents. She gets totally giddy around him. Not sure Lulu knows this but Joakim has 2 other girlfriends as well..."

She also added, "Lulu has another boyfriend -- When I picked her up from school yesterday, she told me that Martin (pronounced 'Mar-teen', he's half-french, half-peruvian) is her boyfriend and her valentine. Apparently, she kissed him twice."

In another 2011 post she wrote: "When I ask Lulu what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says she wants to be a Mama. And she is going to be a really good one."

It is still unknown what caused Yoselyn Ortega to attack the two children. She had been looking after them for about a year, according to reports, and prior to that Marina Krim had been a stay-at-home mom. The family were thought to have been close to Ortega and had even visited the nanny's family in the Dominican Republic.