Yoselyn Ortega Murdered Children Over Extra Housework?

'I'm paid to watch children, not do housework,' Ortega told police

Did Yoselyn Ortega kill her two young charges because of added responsibilities from the Krim family? At least one source has said that Ortega was upset that Mr. and Mrs. Krim asked her to perform five hours of housework in addition to her regular duties as a nanny, a request that may have pushed her over the edge.

"She said something like, 'I'm paid to watch the children, not clean up and do housework,'" a law-enforcement official told the New York Post. Ortega has officially been brought back from her medically induced coma and has made brief statements to police.

Ortega attempted to take her own life after taking the lives of Lucia and Leo Krim earlier this week. She had been working for the Krim family for two years, and, according to the Post, "became so close to the Krims, they brought her on a family vacation to her native Dominican Republic."

When they learned she was in need of more money, the Krims offered her five hours of housework in exchange for extra payment. "They were asking her to clean, to do housework. She was unhappy about that," the law-enforcement source noted.

The situation did not improve and caused "friction between her and the family," the source added. She was apparently given an ultimatum: either improve her work around the house, and with the children, or be replaced.

"She was told that if she didn't improve her work, she would be let go," the source noted. This apparently drove Ortega to her breaking point, and on Oct. 25, she repeatedly stabbed Lucia and Leo until they were both dead, before slashing her throat and wrists.

The Krim family has remained quiet throughout the ordeal, briefly thanking friends and family for their support. Their main intention now is to say goodbye to their two children while protecting the one who lived, Nessie. No one has seen the family in the days since the murders, though the funerals are bound to bring a lot of attention back to the family.