'You Are Lucky That I Love My God;' Florida Father Who Battered Man He Caught Sexually Abusing Son Said Son Saved Abuser's Life

(Photo: Facebook/Jason Browning; Mug Shot)Florida father Jason Browning, and his son's battered molester Raymond Frolander (inset).

A Florida father who battered an 18-year-old after walking in on him sexually abusing his 11-year-old son in his own house said he almost killed the man, but it was his son who stopped him.

"I was going to kill him. My son is the one who stepped in front of me and stopped. My son saved his attacker's life. So who's really the hero in this situation here?" the father, Jason Browning, asked ClickOrlando Monday, days after a mug shot of the 18-year-old's battered face went viral.

According to CNN, Browning told Volusia County emergency dispatch Friday that he left his son with 18-year-old Raymond Frolander, who is close to the family, to go out but was dazed by what he discovered on his return.

Browning's son told investigators that Frolander made him sit on his lap and shortly after took him to the back room of the apartment, disrobed him and began sexually molesting him. And that's when his father walked in and saw Frolander's exposed genital, according to the Ocala Post.

Browning flew into a rage and beat Frolander unconscious. He then dragged his body to the living room of the apartment and called 911 declaring: "I got him in a bloody puddle for you officer. He is knocked out on the floor for you."

At one point during the call, Browning could be heard telling Frolander: "You are damn lucky, boy, that I love my God."

Frolander, is now being held in Volusia County Jail without bond on a charge of sexual battery of a child.

In an affidavit, cited by CNN, the boy told police that Frolander performed oral sex on him and then instructed him to fondle him. The boy also told investigators that Frolander began abusing him three years ago.

Police did not charge Browning with a crime.

(Photo: Facebook, Mug Shot)Raymond Frolander, 18, before and after Jason Browning's beating for molesting his son.

"Dad was acting like a dad. I don't see anything we should charge him with," Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood told the Ocala Post. "When you're 8 years old, you're supposed to be out running around the street riding your bike, playing ball, playing video games. Not worrying when a 15, 16, 17, 18-year-old comes near you. You know what's going to happen when he comes near you and touches you. You know what's going to happen when you're alone with him."

He continued: "The father walked in and found his son being sexually abused in his own home … the father did what the father had to do."

Browning, who told ClickOrlando that he was also molested as a child, said Frolander was like family and it wasn't unusual for him to be alone with his children.

"There was nothing uncommon to let the kids go in the bedroom and play videogames together," said Browning. "And now I have to wonder why the door was shut."

He said stopping the attack was the easy part, but he believes his son is strong and will pull through.

"I'm not going to pressure anything on him. Like I said, I know what he's going through. When he's ready to talk about it, he will."

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