You'll Laugh Watching This Clever Beagle Steal Chicken Nuggets Out of a Toaster Oven (VIDEO)

(YouTube screenshot: Rodd Scheinerman)

According to this hidden camera footage, YouTuber Rodd Scheinerman doesn't merely have a beagle named Lucy. He has a full-fledged, platform-jumping, puzzle-solving Super Mario on his hands.

Scheinerman leaves some chicken nuggets to bake in his toaster oven at 325º, and Lucy sniffs out the situation after he leaves the room. She knows a yummy situation is developing up on the oh-so-high countertop, but how can she get involved? If she were a cat, she could simply leap up without a sound, but alas, being a canine is her lot in life.

Watching her try different options and puzzle it out makes for one hilarious scene. SHARE the fun!