Young Jeezy Jailed for Slamming Teen Son Into Glass Door, Threatening to Kill Him

Rapper Blames Baby Mama for Trumped-Up Charges, Out on $45,000 Bail

Young Jeezy was detained Friday for charges of battery, false imprisonment and making terroristic threats against his son, 17-year-old Jadarius, in September of 2012. Young Jeezy, a rapper whose real name is Jay Jenkins, turned himself in to Atlanta police after a grand jury warrant was issued.

Young Jeezy had an argument with his son a little over a year ago that reportedly resulted in violent behavior on the hip-hop star's part, according to the police report. Jenkins, 36, allegedly threw his son against a glass shower door, dragged him out of the bathroom into another bedroom, and assaulted him. It was also claimed that he threatened his son's life, saying "I will kill you … I will put a bullet in your head right now."

Jenkins was released from jail on a bail of $45,000.

In light of Jenkins' past- he was arrested in 2006 for an alleged shooting involving his friends in Miami Beach and charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, then implicated in a cocaine ring in 2008- the allegations are damaging. However, the rapper disputes the current claims and blames the most recent incident on his son's mother, Tenesha Dykes.

The "Soul Survivor" rapper told TMZ that the charges were fabricated by Dykes because she wants more money from him. He did admit that he and Jadarius did argue loudly in 2012 because Jenkins told his son that he had become arrogant and no longer wanted him in the house.

Jeezy also confessed that things did turn physical, but that he only shoved his son to the ground and told him something to the effect of "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it."

Sources told TMZ that Dykes is "brainwashing the son against his dad and trying to squeeze every penny she can get from Jeezy." If the claims are true, it wouldn't be the first time the parents have had major disputes over money.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2004, Jeezy opened his home to storm victims to get relief. In October 2005, Dykes used the incident as basis for child support for then 9-year-old Jadarius. At the time, the mother said she had no income, assets, or even a place to live.