'You're So Vain' Duet with Taylor Swift and Carly Simon: Who is Song About? (VIDEO)

'You're So Vain' Duet with Taylor Swift and Carly Simon: Who is Song About? (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift welcomed a special guest on her "Red" Tour recently, introducing Carly Simon on the stage as the two sang a "You're So Vain" duet.

Taylor Swift, Carly Simon sing 'You're So Vain' duet on stage. | (PHOTO:YouTubeClip)

Taylor Swift admits that she has always admired a good break up song. But before there was "Just Another Picture to Burn" or "Never Ever Getting Back Together"- there was "You're So Vain"- written by Carly Simon. In a recent interview, Swift admitted that she had always admired Simon for her ultimate break-up single.

"When I heard 'You're So Vain' I just thought that is the best song that has ever been written," she said Monday on "Good Morning America". "That is the most direct way anyone has ever addressed a breakup. It's amazing."

Even more amazing for Swift was her opportunity to sing the song on stage with the actual songwriter. The star welcomed Carly Simon to the stage on Saturday while performing a show in Foxborough, Mass. Before Simon came on stage Swift questioned her fans:

"I think a lot of you have probably had this question too, always wondered what the answer is. Who is this song, 'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon, written about?"

After the performance, Swift shared on social media that she idolized the 1970's star.

"Got to sing 'You're So Vain' with Carly Simon at Gillette Stadium tonight!!!!!" she wrote. "Unreal. I could not possibly look up to her more."

When singing the song, Swift felt that every girl in her audience could identify with the lyrics.

"Once we get out there and we have 55,000 people in a sing-along it's just going to be like karaoke night in the stadium. Every girl out there will be thinking of someone when we're singing," she told GMA.

Simon also shared her appreciation for Swift during the interview, admitting that Swift took the lead on stage.

"It was just so wonderful that I just want to do it again," Simon said of the performance. "[Taylor] was so great, and she really led me through my own song, and she was just so loving of the whole thing, and we loved each other and we moved together in a part. It was dramatic, it was great."

At the close of the interview Simon said she revealed to Swift who the breakup hit was about, but swore the fellow break up singer to secrecy.


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