Youth for Christ Leader Accused of Indecent Exposure, Forcing Victim to Perform Sex Acts

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(Photo: Google Maps Screenshot)Michael Justin Rueffert, the Executive Director of Southern Colorado Youth for Christ, has been accused of indecent exposure and making his victim perform sex acts without her consent.

The executive director of a Colorado-based Christian youth ministry has been accused of indecent exposure and making his victim perform sex acts against her will.

Michael Justin Rueffert, who leads Southern Colorado Youth for Christ in Colorado Springs, Col., is currently facing a charge of Unlawful Sexual Contact – No Consent.

ABC News in Denver reported that Rueffert "was taken into custody and served a summons and complaint for the charge of unlawful sexual content, a misdemeanor. He was subsequently released."

According to a statement from Southern Colorado Youth for Christ given to The Christian Post, as of November 1, the incident is not related to Rueffert's Youth for Christ role, though he has been put on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police say that the victim, who is legally an adult, was depending on Rueffert for assistance at the time when the purported acts occurred.

Police are also investigating whether there may be more victims "because of the nature of this offense and his work position." According to its website, Youth for Christ has ministerd for over 15 years "to incarcerated youth in Colorado Springs and Pueblo" and its staff and volunteers provide "religious services in eight detention, group home, and youth related facilities."

The organization, which said that it was not legally authorized to speak publicly on the case, also indicated that despite the executive director's absence, its programming would continue without interruption.

According to his LinkedIn page, Rueffert has served as the leader of the organization for just over 14 years.

Youth for Christ is a national chartering organization whose 146 chapters work with youth across the country.

Anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse in a church or ministry related context or is in a relationship with someone who has, can find online resources at G.R.A.C.E., The Hope for Survivors, or SNAP.