Youth Killed by Single Punch Saves Lives by Donating All Organs: 'Something Good Has to Come From This,' Mom Says

(Photo: Jared Colon Memorial Fund)Jared Colon

Hillsborough, New Jersey teen Jared Colon died after being punched by another teenager. However, his mother is determined that his death not be in vain and that something good come from her loss.

"He had such incredible empathy and concern for everyone and everything around him," Beth Colon told "He was really about helping others," she then told ABC Eyewitness News. "He had an incredible capacity. He was just so wise beyond his years. You just looked into his eyes and you knew what a great old soul he was."

The Somerset County Prosecutor's Office said that the young man who punched Colon is in custody, charged with second-degree reckless manslaughter. Because he is a minor, his name has not been released by the press.

"They tell me he didn't suffer," Beth said. "He'll give life to somebody who needs it. So while I can't have him, somebody else can have their child."

"When we knew it was hopeless, I felt like something good had to come from all of this," she added. "And so we donated all of his organs: his skin, eyes, everything. The one thing that has kept me going is that he would live on in others, that some other parent could maybe still have their son or daughter because of Jared."

Beth noted that she had already received word that Jared's organs had been successfully transplanted to a recipient, which made her feel much better. The organs are being used exactly as she wanted, which is to save another person's life. She has urged everyone to consider donating to the memorial fund she has established in Jared's name.

"I hope these kids learn that they need to resolve their problems peacefully," Beth said. "This violence is ridiculous and it's got to stop. I really hope they are able to learn that lesson from this."

Anyone wishing to donate or learn more about the memorial can click HERE.