YouTube App Disappears From iOS 6

The YouTube application will no longer available on iOS devices once the software is updated, according to various sources.

The app will reportedly be pulled from Apple's products due to a licensing agreement ending between Google and the Cupertino-based company.

YouTube is currently developing a new app for devices that will be running iOS 6 in the near future, and the current app will continue to be available on all devices running iOS 5.

Google recently updated the YouTube app for Android devices. The new version showcases the site's channel initiative and makes the video viewing quality crisper.

Apple seems like it might decide to move on without Google as the company recently introduced its own maps program for iOS 6, which will take over for Google Maps. In order to make a clean break from the Google, Apple could change its default search engine to Microsoft's Bing on Safari. This would greatly benefit Apple and Microsoft and cause Google to lose billions of dollars.

TechCrunch's MG Siegler weighed in on the situation.

"Microsoft needs Apple to make Bing relevant. Apple needs Microsoft in order to stop paying Google billions," he said. "This is so obvious. I think we may see a Google-free iPhone sooner, rather than later."

Apple is expected to release iOS 6 in the fall of this year, along with a new iPhone and mini-iPad.

An event announcing the software and these devices is rumored to be taking place on Sept. 12.

The next-generation iPhone will debut with iOS 6, meaning the YouTube app will most likely not be available on it when it launches, and if Apple chooses to release the iPad Mini, that will also be running the new software, eliminating the chances of it carrying the app.