YouTube UFO, NASA 'Coverup': Sun Spacecraft or Cosmic Rays? (VIDEOS)

A YouTube UFO, NASA claims, cannot be explained after one of the site's users pointed out what seems to be a spacecraft on the video feed. "rob19791" spotted the unidentified object May 3, and many wonder if it is an actual alien ship.

The YouTube UFO is a NASA coverup, Rob1971 alleges, because Sunday, after he viewed the object on their sun monitoring feed, the feed was taken down by the next day. However, the YouTube user had already made a video of the occurrence, which has since been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

"Breaking news," the conspiracy theorist wrote. "Another ship spotted by the sun. … Explain that!"

The video zooms in on a tiny, barely noticeable object— really just a red speck next to the sun with two white, glowing points possibly attached to it. Although it is infinitesimal when compared to the giant star beneath it, when magnified, it certainly seems strange.

Rob19791 believes NASA has something to do with why their feed from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory was down the next day.

"This is a coverup to prevent us from seeing these things again," rob19791 wrote in the video. "NASA must have seen this video and started making plans to change the way you and I are [allowed] to view it. I think this is proof, that NASA are covering this up."

While a claim of alien spacecraft would make for an exciting movie plot, NASA debunked the theory with a simple explanation: cosmic rays were affecting its cameras, according to

This isn't the first time the SOHO project has resulted in UFO sightings.

March brought claims of a "Death Star" next to the sun— a dark spot that looked as if it was refueling the star with a long fuel tube. Once again, NASA dismissed the idea by saying that cameras captured a solar filament, although they don't know why they formed initially.