Zac Efron: Rehab Stint? Rumors Suggest Cocaine Addiction

Zac Efron surprised fans this week after reports indicated that the former Disney star quietly sought professional help for problems with drugs earlier this year.

The squeaky-clean actor is best known for starring in Disney's "High School Musical," but the actor has also appeared in "The Lorax" and the more mature films "The Lucky One" and "The Paperboy," among others.

Despite his innocent image and his background with Disney, Efron reportedly sought help at a treatment facility for "cocaine addiction," according to TMZ.

The report said that Efron completed a stint in rehab about five months ago, but that he is clean and sober now.

In addition to seeking recovery from an addiction to cocaine Efron was reportedly drinking heavily and dabbled in "Molly," a form of Ecstasy popular at clubs and raves.

Furthermore, the actor had "spiraled out of control" while working on the set of "Neighbors," and since Efron failed to show up on time, it was "common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine," unnamed sources told TMZ.

Nonetheless, today, Efron is "healthy, happy and not drinking," according to a source at E! News.

"He's taking time to focus on working," the insider added.

Efron himself even noted his current well-being.

"I'm good, real good," said the actor while on the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival last week.

However, Efron nor his representatives have commented on the rehab reports.

Meanwhile, Efron's "At Any Price" co-star Heather Graham referred to as "really together" while promoting the movie earlier this year.

"I'm so amazed by how smart and hard working he is," the actress explained to the Huffington Post. "And he has the craziest fans of any actor I've ever worked with… like they're screaming and waiting outside the set for hours."

Next year, the busy actor is slated to appear in "Are We Officially Dating?" "Neighbors," and "Autobahn."