Zachery Tims Dead: Supporters Testify How Fla. Pastor Changed Lives

The final post on the Zachery Tims' community Facebook page has attracted nearly 800 comments, many of them sharing how the late Florida pastor's teaching and preaching changed their lives.

Tims' Facebook page, linked to from New Destiny Christian Center's (NDCC) official page on the social media site along with other NDCC ministries, has as its final post Psalm 32:8, which speaks of God's counseling and protection.

The post, published on the social media site on Saturday, August 13 via HootSuite, has attracted more than 700 "likes" and nearly 800 comments from visitors.

Many of those visitor comments, wrought with emotion, remember Tims as a powerful and straightforward preacher who brought the hope of God into the lives of those who came in contact with him and heard him preach.

One commenter, Dominique Releford, wrote:

"R.I.P. Pastor Tims. I am crying as I write this message. I did not know u personally but u touched my life through so many of your messages. I watched u minister on TV as well as online. ... I went through some things at a point in my life where no one around me was able to reach me and understand me... I was on the internet one day and I cam(e) across one of your messages and it saved my life. I know that u are n heaven n u are with God where I'm striving to get and you will be missed for your great works here on earth... I wish I could have just met u n told u thanks for giving me my life back... [It] was God that used u and I thank u pastor Tims and once again R.I.P."

Another commenter, Nicole Taylor, said:

"Just wanted to say how u touched me and gave me hope in life when I thought I wouldnt survive another day. I prayed for u and your family thru the good and the bad times. Now I will miss u and wont forget how u have changed me. I will continue to remember the legacy of your teachings... RIP Dr. Zachery Tims."

Another visitor to the Facebook page, David LeSane, testified of how a word from Tims literally saved his life:

"In the summer of 2006, Pastor Tims hosted and starred on a number of TBN's Praise The Lord programs. I don't know what lifestyle he may have been living. But I know that God used Pastor Tims to deliver his word, and it saved my life. The things I was going through, no one could ever understand. But I was going to take my own life. Pastor Tims looked into the camera and spoke directly to me with a word from God that if I hadn't heard, I would not be here in 2011. ... I felt and feel still a range of emotions about Pastor Tims passing. But I am more thankful that he was there, even if in a time of his personal struggles, to obey God that night in 2006 telling me to live."

One Facebook user, identified as "Victory Praise Dancers," shared how a friend was healed while praying with Tims:

"About 6 years ago, Pastor Tims came to Bishop Noel Jones church. My friend was paralyzed as a result of Hip replacement surgery. Pastor Tims prayed with her, as he prayed, God (t)ouched her and she popped up and began to walk again. Actually she ran! It was so miraculous. Thank God for Pastor Tims, despite his stuggles, God used him."

Sherry Cherie Blackwell, another Facebook commenter, told of how Tims' preaching brought a lost soul to the Lord:

"I heard Pastor Tims speak only once. I immediately bought 'Adam Where Art Thou' and shared it with a lost soul who, as a result of hearing this CD, wholeheartedly gave himself to Christ and is restoring his relationship with family. If only ONE life was impacted in a positive way because this man lived and reached out to others, then all of his life experiences and obedience to teach the Word of God was not in vain! This man was clearly anointed. May he rest in peace."

Tims, founder, senior pastor and CEO of New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC) in Apopka, Fla., was found dead in his room at the W Hotel in New York City last Friday, August 12.

An autopsy conducted Saturday failed to reveal what may have killed Tims. Officials were now looking to toxicology tests to explain what may have led to Tims' tragic demise.

Tims' funeral has been scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 20 at 11 a.m. at First Baptist Church of Orlando. The funeral will be preceded by a wake at NDCC on Friday, August 19, in which his body will be lying in state from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.