Zebra Chases Pony in Parking Lot of Staten Island (VIDEO)

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A Zebra has been seen chasing a pony in parking lot of a shopping center in Staten Island recently, stunning onlookers.

The bizarre sight was witnessed by Staten Island resident Zachary Osher as he looked out of his Metropolitan Drape & Blind store, which is near Victory Boulevard on Wednesday afternoon.

The pony was being chased by a mini zebra and running across the parking lot, and were both being pursued by flustered zoo officials trying to get them back under control, according to the eye witness.

Osher was so stunned that he quickly recorded the whole incident on video to show to the world. The bizarre video was uploaded to YouTube and has instantly become a massive hit, gathering thousands of viewers.

Local police have confirmed that the animals were not harmed and were quickly brought under control by the zoo officials. They were gathered up and promptly returned to their home at a nearby petting zoo at Victory Boulevard and Travis Avenue.

Osher has described the scene, saying that he looked up and saw the amazing scene of the pony being chased by the zebra. He then said about 30 seconds later he saw two men in dark black suits – the zoo officials – carrying lassoes and running across the street in pursuit of the two animals.

When the zoo officials managed to catch up with the animals they first were able to capture the zebra, and once that animal was brought under control they were able to quickly capture the pony as well.

Both were returned to their zoo habitats without further incident. It is unclear how they escaped from their enclosure at the zoo.

Here is the amazing video of the two animals running by as the shop owner records them in the parking lot near his shop.