Zig On …The Immigrant's Attitude

Walter Hailey, a retired insurance executive, says that legal immigrants in America are four times as likely to become millionaires as those who are born here. This is true regardless of whether these immigrants are from the Orient, South America, Africa or Europe. The reason is simple. These immigrants give up, in most cases, a great deal to come to America. They face culture shock, language differences, climate changes and often leave friends and families behind. They do that because they have a dream and the dream has them. They succeed because they have great faith and their commitment is strong.

They come to America with a lot of enthusiasm and determination, are truly grateful for the opportunity and are excited about a job that pays five or more dollars per hour, which is far more than they earned back home. They even accept the second job, live very frugally, take advantage of community college education, and by the time they realize there are some problems in our country, it's too late. They've already "made it." They look at the opportunities America offers and say, "Wow! What a deal!"

On the other side of the coin, many people born in America get up each morning and say, "Big deal!" with a heavy dose of sarcasm. To underscore what legal immigrants have done, our former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John M. Shalikashvili (Shalik) is from Poland; and at one time four of the ten most admired companies in America as recognized by Fortune Magazine were headed by legal immigrants.

Message: Adopt the immigrant's attitude and I will SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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