Friday, April 27, 2012
Zimmerman Fund Raises $200k, Lawyer States

Zimmerman Fund Raises $200k, Lawyer States

A fund set up for defendant George Zimmerman has raised more than the $150,000 needed for his bail, reports state. The website used to garner funds has been pulled down, while its creator Mark O'Mara is rebuilding the site, Fox News states.

Zimmerman was released on bail April 22, after spending time in jail on charges of second-degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He and his family were unable to meet the $150,000 required and turned to the Internet for help. Users were able to donate using a PayPal system, the same system used by online sales sites.

O'Mara, the site's creator and Zimmerman's lawyer told Fox News that he was working to restructure the site and take down several that were similar but fake. "I'm trying to scrub through all of them and take action to have them taken down," he said.

"We are currently going through the Division of Consumer Service for an authorization fund. We will likely put up another website for donations, but it will be done so through my office," he added.

O'Mara will disclose the amount of funds raised to the judge in the case, as any funds available to Zimmerman must be reported to the court. "I've started the process to properly authorize his legal fund," he told Fox News. "I do not want him to have any Internet presence and that site has been taken down."

Zimmerman has been in hiding since the shooting of Feb. 26, which left 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead. Public reaction was mixed, with threats being made against Zimmerman's life. O'Mara asked the judge for bail and permission to allow Zimmerman to leave the state, fearing those threats.

As part of his bail, Zimmerman is required to check in with authorities and wear an ankle-monitoring device at all times. The trial is not expected to begin until next year.


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