Zombie Apocalypse Survival: Miami Cannibal Attack Sees Launch of 'Zombie Bullets' (PHOTOS)

An ammunition company is cashing in on the so called "zombie apocalypse" by selling a new line of ammo to specifically combat any zombies people come across.

According to The Daily, a Nebraska ammunition company has received good response from buyers looking to get their hands on the zombie bullets on offer.

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(PHOTO: Twitter/Diario DiaaDia ‏)Rudy Eugene, 31, was shot and killed after attacking a homeless man and eating his face.

Hornady Manufacturing, which is the nation's largest independent bullet maker, has introduced the so called zombie bullets.

Company spokesman Everett Deger has told Detroit radio station WWJ, "This is probably one of the only [product] launches that we've seen when people who are not in the hunting and shooting industry will go out and they will purchase this. I mean, I've heard of guys who buy it just because they think the packaging is cool ... they don't even own a gun."

Since the horrific Memorial weekend Miami cannibal attack where Rudy Eugene beat and ate two-thirds of homeless man, Ronald Poppo's face, there have been numerous other incidences reported where zombie-like behavior has occurred.

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(Photo: Twitter/Ronald Poppo)Ronald Poppo, 65, requires facial reconstructive surgery after having his face chewed off by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.

In Texas a mother was accused of killing her newborn baby, before atrociously eating his brain and three of his toes. The case stunned authorities and Texans for its brutality and lack of motive.

In Maryland a college student confessed to authorities that he had killed someone. Another tragic murder in America, but this case again stood out in the details. The student had not just killed his victim, but he had then gone on to eat his heart and brains. Again police and local residents were at a loss to explain the horrendous incident.

In New Jersey, another case stood out. This time the incident did not involve the eating of flesh or brains, but was equally as horrific. The man stunned witnesses by stabbing himself up to 50 times, before ripping his own intestines out and throwing them at police. Despite his horrific injuries, the man still was difficult to subdue, and officers were forced to use pepper spray.

In the Miami cannibal zombie attack, Poppo was sleeping under a causeway when he was awoken being attacked by Eugene, who seemed intent on devouring his face. Eugene beat Poppo and then undressed the lower half of his dazed victim before straddling him and ripping off pieces of his face with his teeth. It took nearly 20 minutes for police to arrive after the attack started, and even though officers ordered Eugene to stop eating the victim, he simply growled at them before continuing his gory feast. Police decided the strongest action possible was required, and they shot Eugene multiple times before he finally stopped eating his victim. As a result of the attack Poppo was left clinging on to life, but was in critical condition. He suffered horrific injuries which now require major surgery.

The series of incidents have led to a growing discussion to take place online as people dispute whether society is just going into steeper decline, or whether a so-called "zombie apocalypse" has arrived.

The horrific nature of the incidents has of course attracted interest, but many have been at a loss at how to explain the numerous events where seemingly psychotic people just refuse to be subdued; for example in the Miami incident Eugene was shot numerous times and yet continued to attack his victim.


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