Zondervan Partners with TNT to Share Inspiring Story

Christian publisher Zondervan will be releasing next month a special TV tie-in edition of the book Gifted Hands as part of a special partnership with the TNT television network.

The release of the new edition will coincide with the premiere of the TNT original movie "Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story," which airs on Feb. 7.

Starring actor Cuba Gooding Jr., "Gifted Hands" is based on the true story of Dr. Ben Carson, whose lifelong journey led him to become director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Carson is a best-selling author and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The story begins with a frustrated inner-city boy with problems in school and continues through his transformation and overcoming of seemingly insurmountable odds, including a broken home, poverty, limited opportunity, and scholastic and behavioral problems.

In the original 1990 book, Gifted Hands, which he co-authored, Carson shares the inspiration behind a strong will to reach his potential in life, both personally and professionally.

Carson says his mother "was the earliest, strongest and most impacting force in my life." He also tells of his faith in God, which guides him through complex and delicate surgeries.

"Never get too big for God. Never drop God out of your life," Carson says.

In the Gifted Hands TV tie-in edition by Gregg Lewis, younger readers will discover how Carson was able to accomplish his dream through faith and determination.

Written for children ages 9-12, the special edition includes photographs of Carson and his family throughout the book as well as an 8-page color section of movie and behind-the-scene images.

Since first publishing in 1990, the trade book Gifted Hands has been made available in several formats including hardcover (jacketed), softcover, mass market, Ebook, and audio download.

The newest edition aims to inspire young readers.