Ad Specs & Guidelines

Hover Ads

Ad opportunity: Ad initially shows up as a banner filling the bottom of the page, allowing users to collapse them into a small banner ad that hovers on the left-hand side of the screen and remains there unless the user clicks off, or opts to expand it again.

The unit essentially operates like an OPA pushdown: start in a closed (collapsed) state, expand, and then retract to collapsed state once again.
  • ccupies bottom of page.
  • Ad begins upon page entry.
  • Creative in expanded state should be centered so that it's aligned with site content.
  • Approved to run on story pages on section fronts - including US.
  • Will be sold on an impression basis.
    Frequency Capping: One (1) auto-initiated expansion per user every 8 hours; subsequent expansion effects are user-initiated by clicking.
  • Capping should be accounted for and provided in one tag.
    User Initiation:
  • Creative animates in its expanded state - Allotted time duration: 15 seconds.
    Design Specs:
  • Max file size: 240K (Initial load only = 50k).
  • File format: SWF file, IB also requires FLA version. When providing collateral EPS & PSD files are required.
  • Animation: 30 seconds Max.
  • Dimensions - 1280x90 with a 20px gradient transparency.
  • Currently accepting clickable ads for this unit.
  • The word "advertisement" must be included in the creative.
  • Hover Ad colors should always contrast with the overall theme of the site.
  • The top edge of the unit should have either some level of transparency or a jagged edge, so there is a clear delineation between the ad and editorial content.
  • Create w/o a hard edge in the expanded state.
    Hover Ads with Video:
  • File Format - Flash
  • Publishing Version - Flash 8 Action Script 2
  • IB Hover Ad dimensions - Full Browser width up to 90 Pixels Tall
  • Leave Behind Dimensions - 100x90
  • Max File Size - 2.5MB
  • Internal Links - 3 max
  • Video Length - :30 max
    Additional Notes:
  • Video Length - :30 max
  • Max FPS: 24
    Audio: No host-initiated audio is permitted on Audio must be user-initiated by clicking within the banner and contain clearly visible "mute" and "stop" functionality
    Video: Click to expand/play
  • Close buttons: The "close" button MUST include the word "CLOSE" in visible bold letters and should include a large BOLD X, also aligned with the right rail.
Mouse over is not allowed to activate hover effect.

Recommended vendor: IB

* Please note that IE6 is not a supported browser for IB Hover Ads - campaign will need to be targeted away.