Ad Specs & Guidelines

Overlay Video Ads

Overlay banner appears at the top of the video player while main video content plays. A banner is served after : 30 seconds into the video content and is present for :10 seconds before it automatically collapses itself. A close "X" button will be persistent.

Following the IAB specifications, when users engage with the overlay banner, video content is paused and will remain paused until a user chooses to resume. After engaging with the creative, users are taken to the advertiser's site. However, if users do not engage with the ad, the banner disappears after :10 seconds.

Banner sizes: 300x50, 450x50
Maximum ad display duration: 10 seconds
Animation: If animation is present, it should only play once, no looping will be accepted.
Audio/Video: Not accepted
File format: JPEG, GIF, or Text

Click Event:      - User clicks on banner once it appears and is redirected to the advertiser's site.

Additional instructions include:
     - Text and image - 100% opaque; background - 70% maximum