Ad Specs & Guidelines

Specifications Overview offers an extensive range of standard and rich media formats to help you build a strong advertising campaign that reaches your target markets and objectives.
File Formats: flash, gif, jpg, html File Size
Ad Product Dimensions Rich Media Max Initial File Size Max Polite File Size ** Total File Size
(initial + polite)
Large Rectangle 336x280 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Large Custom 945x66 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Medium Rectangle 300x250 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Half-Page Ad 300x600 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Leaderboard 728x90 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Button 120x90 Yes 20k n/a 20k
Overlay Video Banner 320x50 No 50k
450x50 No 50k
*Push Down 980x66 Yes 50k n/a 50k
980x250 Yes 50k n/a 50k
Video Pre-roll Aspect Ratios: 4:3 or 16:9
:15 or :30 second
400x300, 640x360
Video Post-roll 1MB 1MB
Clickable Video Ad 1MB 1MB
Video Companion 300x250 No 50k n/a 50k
(Special circumstances)
720x300 Yes 50k 50k
All Floating Ads 100k 160k 250k

* New IAB Ad Unit
**This represents the post-page load ("polite") file size. When/if users click off page, additional load must terminate immediately.

Homepage Takeover Specs
Banner Size 980x66, 980x250, 300x250, 728x90
File format jpg, gif

E-blast Specs
Subeject Line Maximum 80 letters which include spaces
File format html ( All email HTML must be table-based layouts. )
Email format - Only text, JPG and GIF images are allowed.
- no background image. (Will not be applied on email box.)
- no css, js included. (Will not be applied on email box.)
Optimal size There is a 700 pixels maximum width and up to 100K maximum file size (includes all images and html files).

Social Media Specs
Facebook Required : Custom text with maximum 400 letters (included spaces)
Optional : Landing Url, Image
Twitter Required : Custom text with maximum 116 letters (included spaces)
Optional : Landing Url, Image (it will affect text limit)