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Top Ten Movies to Complement Your Homeschool Curriculum

Top Ten Movies to Complement Your Homeschool Curriculum

As a homeschooling parent, it can be difficult to find the best resources for your children. From lessons plans and online materials to educational films, the options are plentiful and often overwhelming.

Thankfully, provides hundreds of movies perfect for the homeschooling family, whatever your child’s learning style. From films based on historical events to scientific documentaries, provides plenty of options to complement your homeschool curriculum. Learning can and should be fun!

The best part? These films are not only completely family-friendly, they’re entirely free for one month when you sign up at Here are six titles to get you started.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: A Historical Perspective

This comprehensive and authorized documentary traces King's life and the development of his philosophies, set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement. Watch Now

Our Fascinating Universe

Be astounded by God's creation of the universe with leading scientists and theologians. Watch Now.

Drive Thru History

This illuminating, entertaining series explores places where Christianity took root centuries ago, and visits the settings of key events from the Bible. Watch Now

Famous Explorers

Join us as we take a look at the men and women whom, through magnificent journeys, have shaped the world. Watch Now

Creeping Things

Travel the world to learn about some of God's creepiest creatures, like reptiles, snakes and scorpions. Watch Now

The Ultimate Civil War Series

This engrossing documentary comprehensively examines one of the darkest periods in American history, highlighting its major events and personalities. Watch Now


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