The Problem With Feel-Good Church

I remember feeling something I had never expected to feel at a church; welcomed. As quickly as I had stepped into an environment that felt accepting and welcoming, the tides began to change. A pastor was preaching things out of the Bible that opposed the way I was currently living my life. He said things I didn't like. He said things that made me get defensive.

The Fleeing Philistines

The world puts all of their eggs in one basket when it comes to their salvation. They champion self-righteousness and make no provision for its failure to justify them on Judgment Day.

Mission Possible

After twenty-five hours of flight time, I would land in a city in West Africa known for its political volatility and poverty. It was a place of unknowns, insecurity, and suffering. My task was to deliver a message of encouragement to the women living there. The problem was I felt like a phony. What did I know of their daily suffering? How could I possibly speak any words of wisdom into their reality?

Sincere Line of Questioning

In the confrontational world that is known as social media, perhaps taking time to pose sincere, kind questions might help us understand more than our own opinion.

3 Things You May Not Know About the Old Testament

Roughly three-fourths of the Bible is found in the Old Testament. Most Christians, however, spend the bulk of their Bible-reading time in the New Testament. If you're one of them, then you may not be intimately familiar with what was, in the time of Jesus, the entire Bible. Here are three things that you may not know about the Old Testament.

Why Has Tom Cruise Been Recast as Jesus?

The BibleWalk Museum in Mansfield, Ohio, is a collection of more than three hundred wax figures. Many of the museum's wax figures come from closed wax museums around the country or were bought from manufacturers that had a surplus. Some were celebrities in their previous lives.

Nobel Prize Laureate Gives Glory to God

In the midst of this chaos, darkness and death, a bright light is shining. That light will now receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Denis Mukwege is the son of a Pentecostal pastor who has a strong and robust faith in Jesus.

The Root of Bitterness Endangers America

The current political tone and the debate over "civility" demonstrate that the "root" is growing rapidly in America, and is being nurtured by many important voices who douse the socio-cultural-political landscape with vitriol.

When You're #inthethickofit

I had a full-time job, but every month was still a struggle. We were always one unexpected bill or one car repair away from being homeless again. There was no such thing as hashtags back then, but if there had been, hashtags like #singlemomlife and #inthetrenches and #inthethickofit would have been recurring themes for us.

Hurricane Michael: Finding Hope in Disaster

We have developed the most advanced meteorological technology known to humanity. But our best scientific instruments are no match for nature. The devastation is another reminder that our world is more unpredictable and ungovernable than we wish to admit.