Conservatives Slam Disney's Display of Gay Characters Kissing in Cartoon

In keeping with what the company describes as a longstanding policy to be inclusive, Disney XD, for the first time in the company's history, included several gay characters kissing in an episode of "Star vs. The Forces of Evil," one of its most popular cartoons on Monday. And conservatives are not happy about it.



Kim Burrell Doesn't Regret Sermon Condemning Homosexuality, Saying Position Is Biblical

Months after she was vilified in the national media and axed from an appearance on "Ellen" for condemning a "perverted homosexual spirit" being used to embarrass the church, popular gospel singer Kim Burrell says she has "no regrets" preaching against the lifestyle because her position is in line with the Word of God.



Sudan Fears Muslims Will Be Led to Jesus, 'Declares War Against Christians': Pastor

A Christian pastor in Sudan says the government has "declared war against Christians" because it's fearful Muslims will be led to Jesus Christ, which is the reason why pastors are being imprisoned and churches are being demolished in the Islamic nation.


Was Trump's Speech to Congress Racist?

During the Republican primaries, when I was most critical of candidate Trump, I still didn't believe he was a racist (in general) or an anti-Semite (in particular), yet charges of racism and even anti-Semitism persist against him to this day.


Will Trump Ignore Our Great Big National Debt?


President Donald Trump is receiving much praise for his joint address to Congress due to his many unifying themes, but I worry it portends a continuance of the long standing unity among both parties to ignore our debt crisis.


Did Trump Really 'Inherit a Mess' From Obama?

President Trump commented at his press conference last week that he "inherited a mess". His comments sparked a loud opposing response from the mainstream media to the effect that President Trump inherited a healthy economy from President Obama.

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Why Lent Is for All Christians


A common misconception about the Christian season of Lent is that it's only for the other Christians: the Catholic Christians, the super-spiritual Christians, the Orthodox Christians, or the millennial Christians who've decided they love liturgy and incense.


Donald Trump vs. Our Biased Media


Here's a variation of a joke I heard recently that is circulating among conservatives. The pope and Trump were out on a ship and suddenly a gust of wind causes the pontiff's hat to fly several feet away from the boat on surface of the water. Trump gets out of the boat and walks on water to retrieve the miter.