Pakistan Christians Called to Protest Police Failure in Rape, Murder of Christian Girl

A group is calling for Christians in Pakistan to unite in protest against the apparent inaction and apathy of police and courts in the brutal murder of Tania Mariyam, a 12-year-old Christian schoolgirl whose body was found in January in a canal with strange froth in her mouth and ripped trousers.




Joseph Habedank Talks God Resurrecting Music Career After Prescription Drug Addiction

Joseph Habedank's addiction to prescription drugs could have ended his music career, but God had other plans for the singer-songwriter who is using his voice and pen to highlight the resurrecting power of God.


What Does the 'Bible' and 'Jesus' Mean to Muslims? Converted Imam Explains

A former imam from Egypt with strong family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood leadership who converted to Christianity, said Friday that some Muslims in the U.S. are using "Islamic deception" to fool Christians into believing misconceptions about the religion.


4 Disastrous Habits Men Should Avoid


I have worked with many men through my years of being chaplain for the Denver Nuggets of the NBA and the Colorado Rockies of the MLB, and in my involvement with other men's groups as well as one-on-one relationships.


Lord, Deliver Me From Weak Faith

In his short but powerful book All of Grace, Charles Spurgeon wrote that weak faith, as long as it is true faith, saves a person no less effectively than strong faith: "A trembling hand may receive a golden gift."


1 Phrase Every Minister Needs to Live By


Churches are filled with all kinds of people. This presents numerous challenges for each pastor. When the Apostle Paul addressed the church at Corinth, it was evident that the church was struggling with their interpersonal relationships.


5 Things Churches Do Well

The email stung me. The writer spoke of my negativity about local churches, about how much of my writings are about problems in local congregations.

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Would Winning the Lottery Satisfy My Soul?

When 17-year-old Jane Park became Britain's youngest lottery winner in 2013, she assumed it would fulfill her wildest dreams. In reality, hitting the jackpot turned her world into a living nightmare.


'Hee Haw' and Trump's 'Deplorables'


When Hee Haw's Gordie Tapp died recently, we lost an entertainment icon. His straw-hat TV character — Cousin Clem — was a mainstay in fictitious Kornfield County. "Where oh where are you tonight?" was his hallmark scene.