'I Never Felt Qualified' to Preach, Perry Noble Responds to NewSpring Leaders

Days after NewSpring Church leaders dismissed him as still biblically unfit to preach at the church he founded and was fired from last July for alcoholism and other sins, Perry Noble shot back that he "never felt qualified" at any time while he was leading the church.

Conservative Anglicans in Open Revolt Against Church of England's 'Capitulation to Secular Values'

A group of conservative Anglicans have written a letter on the growing divide in the Church of England on LGBT issues, warning of a coming rebellion in the face of what they called the "capitulation to secular values."



Episcopal Church Panel Recommends 3-Year Suspension for Calif. Bishop Who Tried to Sell Church

A disciplinary panel of The Episcopal Church has recommended that a California bishop be suspended for three years for trying to sell a congregation's property to a townhouse developer without its permission.

Why Are Millennials Leaving Church? Millennials Explain


Nearly one year ago, Sam Eaton, a millennial from Minneapolis, wrote a blog post detailing "12 reasons millennials are over church." Since then, he has received thousands of hateful and angry comments. But what he wants Christians to know is that that was his love letter to the American church.




My Human Identity Transcends Gender


In my rural Pennsylvania culture, real men hunted deer, raced cars, and pursued athletics. They did not excel in math; they did not read Jane Austen or Anthony Trollope. I was not your typical male adolescent.


Rev. Barber's Theological Malpractice


At a press conference in Charlotte organized by the Christian Action League, I, along with four other high profile ministers in the state took umbrage with Barber's conclusions concerning prayer for public officials, as well as some other statements he made about the poor and most vulnerable in society and our responsibility to them.


Making Christian Education Great Again

Christian schools can and have lost their salvation. And while many still maintain a "vibrant" faith too many have stepped on the "slippery slope" toward faithlessness and still others have already "bottomed out."

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Yes, Gay Activists Want to Punish Christian Conservatives

Call me paranoid if you like, but I'm simply quoting what Tim Gill, the foremost LGBT political donor says in his own words: "We're going into the hardest states in the country," he declares. "We're going to punish the wicked," by which he means Christian conservatives.