Christian Bridal Shop Closes Doors to Public After Receiving Threats for Denying Lesbian Wedding Dress

A Christian-owned bridal shop in Pennsylvania has temporarily closed its doors to the public and is now only accepting appointments after its owner received threats because the shop refused to serve a lesbian couple looking for a wedding dress, a source close to the situation told The Christian Post.

Christian Animation Film 'The Star' Releases Trailer With Endorsements From Mariah Carey, Tyler Perry

The trailer for the highly anticipated animated film "The Star," which tells the Nativity story from a different perspective, was released and includes endorsements from its all-star cast, including Tyler Perry and Mariah Carey.



What Are the Most Misunderstood Stories in Bible? Biblical Scholar Explains (Interview)

Some of the most popular biblical stories are frequently misappropriated in pastors' sermons, according to a theology professor whose new book explores how key aspects of these stories are often misunderstood.


Five-Time Olympic Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross: Life Isn't About Getting Gold, It's About God

Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, known as the fastest woman in history (at 400 meters) in track and field, says after all of her accomplishments and failures as an athlete, she's learned that life really is all about glorifying God.



'Repeal and Replace' for Obamacare Is Not Pro-Life

My Christian faith teaches that because all people are created in the image of God, they deserve to be treated with dignity. Regardless of people's economic status or class, receiving quality health care is a basic human right for those who live in our nation.


Why Christians Are Persecuted

In a way, persecution will separate the genuine from the fake. If you are a true follower of Jesus, you won't back down if a little persecution comes your way. And if God allows it in your life, he will give you the strength to face it.

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God Is Speaking to Us Through Charlie Gard


In these days when children are often an afterthought (if not an inconvenience), when leftists fight vigorously for the "right" to abort their babies, and while ethicists argue that infants suffering outside the womb should be euthanized, the devotion of Charlie's mom and dad reminds us of the depth of a parent's love.


My Human Identity Transcends Gender


In my rural Pennsylvania culture, real men hunted deer, raced cars, and pursued athletics. They did not excel in math; they did not read Jane Austen or Anthony Trollope. I was not your typical male adolescent.


Rev. Barber's Theological Malpractice


At a press conference in Charlotte organized by the Christian Action League, I, along with four other high profile ministers in the state took umbrage with Barber's conclusions concerning prayer for public officials, as well as some other statements he made about the poor and most vulnerable in society and our responsibility to them.


Making Christian Education Great Again

Christian schools can and have lost their salvation. And while many still maintain a "vibrant" faith too many have stepped on the "slippery slope" toward faithlessness and still others have already "bottomed out."