Charges Dropped Against Undercover Activists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood in California

Fourteen felony charges that were filed in California against undercover investigative pro-life activists who exposed Planned Parenthood's selling of fetal body parts to biotech firms and other practices have been dismissed.

Family of Canadian Pastor Imprisoned in N. Korea 'Very Concerned' in Wake of American's Death

The family of a Canadian pastor serving a life sentence in North Korea is concerned for his welfare after the death of an American student after imprisonment there, and wants Canada to work harder to secure his release, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday.


Trump Admin. Transgender Student Pronoun Policy Is 'Compelled Speech Violation,' Liberty Counsel Says

A leading conservative Christian legal group committed to defending religious liberty has spoken out against a memo issued by the Trump administration this month that lays out certain reasons why schools could be investigated for discrimination against transgender students.

Conservatives Welcome at Google? Execs Respond (Video)


Google executives were asked at a shareholders meeting earlier this month for its parent company, Alphabet, whether or not they consider the feelings of their conservative and more libertarian-minded employees when the company decides to voice left-leaning policy positions.



Millions of Christians in 100 Countries to Sing Keith Getty Song in Global Missions Event (Interview)

World-renowned hymn writer Keith Getty, whose song "For The Cause" is set to be sung by millions of Christians in the Global Hymn Sing missions event on June 25, says society is increasingly telling children that Christianity is "odd" and "anti-social."


Young Christian Girl Forced to Pray Muslim Prayer, Told to Forget Jesus to Pass Class in Philippines

A young Christian schoolgirl in the Philippines recalled how teachers forced her to pray a Muslim prayer in order to pass a class, and ignored her explanations that she now prays to Jesus instead.


Washington Isn't the Answer to Peace


Peace isn't easy, especially in today's world. With the recent attacks in Manchester, Kabul, London and Baghdad, we can quickly become disheartened and think that there is nothing we can do.


How to Find Peace

Conscious fixation on our sovereign, gracious, and loving Lord is the only effective remedy for a troubled heart.


20 Relics of Church Past

"What did you have or do in your church ten years ago that you don't have or do today?" The top twenty responses were, for me at least, a fascinating mix of the expected and the surprises.


Political Violence: Liberals Find a Way to Blame Conservatives No Matter What

In the last week, America and the UK have been rocked by two violent attacks, one targeting a conservative Republican in the states and the other targeting religious Muslims in England. In almost every way, these two horrific events are completely unrelated, and yet the liberal world has found a way of joining them together: the right-wing is dangerous!

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Why Sinners Find Happiness

I know a lot of godless but sorta-kinda-spiritual people who are very happy with their lives. Many of them, especially those in my neck of the woods (the South), even consider themselves "blessed and highly favored."


The Rise of the Violent Radical Left


From violent campus protests to the shooting of a congressman, the violent, radical left is rising. But this should not surprise us at all. The handwriting has been on the wall for years.


Refugee Fathers Who Changed My Life

He was asking me to take the baby with me, out of the refugee camp, far away from the terror and death they had fled, and back home to America. He would rather give his child to me — a total stranger — than watch her die in his arms.


Being a Father Helped Me Understand My Heavenly Father


The three of them gifted me with the greatest and most rewarding role I have ever been assigned ... the role of being a Dad. No one stirs, moves, motivates or inspires me in the way they do and nobody could have ever brought the tears of joy, pride and sorrow as they have.


Why Father's Day Is a Time to Heal


Dads play such a formative role in our lives. Sometimes this can be immensely positive, but for so many, their relationship with their father has become devastatingly destructive.