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When Does Life Begin? Ask a Geneticist

Tony Magliano

Due to the blizzard that hit the mid-Atlantic, my bus never made it to the 43rd March for Life in Washington, D.C. But thousands of others were able to brave the snow and wind to witness to the dignity of unborn human life, and to protest the gravely immoral practice of legal abortion in the United States.

Marriage Is for the Courageous

Craig Gross

I once spoke at a marriage conference … where I heard an interesting fact about the relationship between happiness in a marriage and the amount of times the husband and wife in that couple were engaging in sexual activity.

5 Causes of Church Member Burnout

Thom Rainer

Her departure stunned the members and leadership. She was the one member you could count on. She was there "every time the doors were open." And then she never showed up again.

3 Simple Ways to Build Intimacy With Your Spouse

Will Your Marriage Last a Lifetime?

If you've been married for any length of time, you know that the relationship you have with your spouse should be like no other. Two people who've made a commitment to each other have started on a journey to merge their lives together.

Testimony From a Former Porn Star Is Unlike Anything We've Ever Heard

Craig Gross

One of our focuses here at XXXchurch has always been on those who are in the porn industry. We meet so many of them during outreaches and we've long known that they're regular people, just like you and me: they have dreams for life, they have bills to pay, they have parents and family and (occasionally) children.

Believers: Don't Divide Over Politics

Michael Brown

If you've been following my ministry for any length of time, you know that I constantly address issues of concern to me in the news, whether they have to do with moral, cultural or spiritual issues and whether they pertain to America, Israel, or the nations.


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new hampshire primary

Will New Hampshire Voters Deliver Big Night for Potty Mouth Trump and Socialist Sanders?

A week ago, it looked like the stars were aligning for Marco Rubio. Now, as New Hampshire holds its pivotal primary on Tuesday, the Republican presidential contender has to hope the sky does not come crashing down on him.

Lawsuit Alleges Gospel for Asia Fraudulently Solicited Hundreds of Millions in Donations

Gospel for Asia, one of the largest missions agencies based in the U.S., was named in a class action lawsuit Monday alleging that it and several affiliates fraudulently solicited hundreds of millions of dollars in charitable donations and misdirected the fund to the organization's leader.


The Rev. Billy Graham

Billy Graham Answers: Is It OK to Have Secular Hobbies?

God doesn't mind if his followers have hobbies outside of church, as long as they maintain a Christ-centered perspective throughout their week, the Rev. Billy Graham says.

Peyton Manning
(Photo: USA Today Sports/Mark J. Rebilas)

Russell Willson Issues Touching Tribute to Peyton Manning

Outspoken Christian NFL star Russell Wilson issued a touching tribute to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning after the 39-year-old future Hall of Famer won his second Super Bowl Sunday night in what many believe could have potentially been his final game.

Russian airstrikes in Syria
(Photo: Reuters/Bassam Khabieh)

Syrian Gov't Committing Rape, Murder, Crimes Against Humanity, UN Report Reveals

The U.N. Human Rights Council has warned that while much of the world is focused on ISIS' crimes in Syria, the government of President Bashar al-Assad is carrying out the secret exterminations of thousands of detainees.

ISIS Video Shows English-Speaking Child Beheading Prisoner

ISIS beheading video

The Islamic State has released a new chilling execution video showing an indoctrinated child jihadi declaring in English that IS will meet its enemies in the Syrian town that fighters believe the final apocalyptic battle against the West will be fought before going on to behead a defenseless prisoner.

Super Bowl Linebacker Shares Humble Testimony of Playing Through Heart Condition

Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis is sharing his heartfelt testimony about a heart condition and three ACL injuries that he believes God helped him through on the journey to Super Bowl 50.