Charlie Gard: US Lawmakers May Vote on Granting British Baby Permanent Resident Status for Treatment

U.S. lawmakers have made significant steps toward granting permanent residence status to terminally-ill 11-month-old British baby Charlie Gard, whose parents hope to take him to America for potentially life-saving treatment.

New Movie to Break Ground With Action-Packed Telling of 'The Pilgrim's Progress' (Interview)

Christian filmmakers King Street Pictures have begun production on a groundbreaking faith-based fantasy adventure film which will be based on the iconic 1678 Novel, The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.



Southern Baptist Leaders Respond to Black Minister Leaving Denomination Over 'Rise of Alt-Right'

A black academic from Oklahoma is renouncing his Southern Baptist ordination because of the massive support for Donald Trump within the denomination, and alleges the SBC is "complicit" in the rise of the alt-right. Yet noted SBC leaders believe he is furthering a misleading narrative that does not reflect the reality of Southern Baptist life and thinking.


10 Family-Friendly Christian Movies Available on Netflix

As interest in Christian entertainment grows, mainstream internet television network Netflix is offering a range of movie options for families. From action to romance and everything in between, The Christian Post has rounded out a list of 10 family-friendly Christian movies you can watch this summer.



Why the Media Hates Trump


As the drumbeat to oust President Trump reaches near fever pitch, it is important for all fair-minded Americans to understand if that happens, America as we know it is finished ... done.


Eugene Peterson and Same-Sex Marriage: It's a Gospel Issue

I'm glad for Eugene Peterson's retraction on same-sex marriage, though his statements are still puzzling. Even more, they're revealing. First, they reveal the crisis of authority among evangelicals. So much of this conversation, and many others within the evangelical church, is driven by celebrities instead of doctrine.

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Democrats' Abortion Catch-22

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the pro-life position made some impressive gains in the court of public opinion, but over the last eight years, there has been a veritable public-opinion stalemate on this issue.


Conservatives Don't Want to Return to the 1950s

A popular argument the left uses to attack conservatives is accusing them of wanting to return the country to the way things were in the 1950s. This is a clever, subtle tactic meant to set up an artificial debate based on the left's narrow premises.


Don't Misgender Your Pet!


This is not a satire. I am not spoofing you. What I'm telling you is the truth. A radical feminist website is warning all of you who are pet owners not to misgender your pets. You could hurt them without knowing it! I am not making this up.


How I Found Balance in My Life


For years I struggled internally to find balance. It didn't seem to matter what I did, or how I did it, I simply could NOT find balance. The sad part is deep down I knew exactly what I needed to do but that wasn't part of MY plan.


Ask Chuck: Should I Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt?


I'm trying to pay my credit cards off but my income is very limited since I am nearing retirement. I have a 401(k) and a small property that I could sell. What would you recommend: sell the property, keep paying the minimum on the credit cards, or take money out of the 401(k)?