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NYC Pastor Who Prayed With Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan Credits Those Who Cried 'Let Meriam Go!' for Defiant Christian Woman's Release

The U.S. pastor who took it upon himself to fly to Sudan to meet with and pray for imprisoned persecuted Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim was among those celebrating her freedom Thursday. He credited the 27-year-old married mother's release to the outcry of people from around the world who were captivated by her steadfast Christian witness in the face impending death.

6 Barriers to Effective Prayer

Pastor Rick McDaniel

These barriers can keep the power we need from being manifested in our lives and country. James 5:16 tells us, "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." But is unrighteousness the only barrier to powerful and effective prayer? I am certain there are other barriers as well. Let me identify six.

Are You Content with Your Life?

Joyce Meyer

It seems there are very few people who are consistently content with life. It's more common to be up and down mentally and emotionally, depending on what our circumstances are. So I want to ask you: How content are you? Are you consistently enjoying your life?

Jesus Is For Losers

Tullian Tchividjian

Often, when a sports team is losing and the game is almost over, fans will start to head for the exits. Sometimes they want to beat the traffic home, but often, they're just disgusted with the way the game is going and can't watch any more. It's interesting to note the human movement: when the team seems sure to lose, the people move away, literally leaving the arena. If a miracle happens, and the team looks like it might win, they come streaming back.

The Border Crisis: Nixon Points the Way

Wallace Henley Portrait

In the summer of 1970, the American Southeast baked when eleven states faced federal enforcement of school desegregation, but that social scorcher will be small compared to the border crisis sizzling now from Texas to California. Believe it or not, President Richard Nixon's handling of the challenge 44 years ago could point the way to the best solution.

Did God Forget to Answer My Prayer?

Dan Delzell Portrait Seagreen Background

True prayer is intended to change us. Just think about it from heaven's perspective for a second. God could obviously choose to always give us exactly what we request, but the Lord is after something deeper. And what might that be you ask? God wants us to trust Him entirely.

Christian Eschatology and The Planet of the Apes

Russell moore

As the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is being released in theaters, I'm reminded of a few years ago when I launched a new semester of my Doctrine of the Last Things class with the showing of a clip from the original film, Planet of the Apes.

How to Win Back Your Husband or Wife

Joe Beam

She didn't hesitate a moment. Yes, she wanted to save her marriage. She and her husband were 40ish, married about twenty years, with a couple of children. One evening he told her he was in love with his assistant, that he already had a lawyer, and suggested she procure one for herself.

Only America Smuggles Immigrants State to State

Dan Delzell

In case you haven't noticed, it is not only the southern border of our nation that is being brazenly violated on a daily basis. Now even the borders between our states in America are being shamelessly breached. And amazingly, this unbelievable transgression is being paid for with your tax dollars as it gets facilitated by employees of our federal government.

Why Are Liberals Opponents of Israel?

Joshua Muravchik

In the 1960's, Liberals were among some of Israel's strongest supporters, but have since become some of Israel's staunchest opponents. In his new book, _Making David Into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel, Joshua Muravchik, a fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, explores the reasons behind this change.

What's Next at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale Without Bob Coy? Interview with New Lead Pastor Doug Sauder

Doug Sauder

This past Spring, when founding pastor Bob Coy stepped down from Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale because of a moral failure, the congregation was stunned. He had been loved and respected, so the announcement was a shock to say the least. But because of a strong leadership team, a committed congregation, and much prayer, the church is emerging stronger than ever.

Why Millennial Guys Must Care About the 'War on Women'

Chelsen Vicari

If you are against abortion or tax-payer funded contraception, then you are waging a so-called "War on Women." No right to talk about it. Men should stay out of women's business, they say. This is a major falsehood that liberals constantly tell men. But as Christians and future husbands and fathers, women need men to engage in the "war on women" debate.

Google Executive's Tragic Death Sends Somber Warning

Dan Delzell Portrait Seagreen Background

What about you? Are you living each day as though Jesus died yesterday, arose today, and is coming back tomorrow? Or are you preoccupied with sinful habits which have stripped you of any love for God, as well as your love for your family?


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Christian Mother Meriam Ibrahim Meets Pope Francis After Escaping Death for Her Faith in Sudan (Watch)

Meriam Ibrahim, a Christian mother from Sudan who became a global icon for Christians when she refused to renounce her faith even after she was placed on death row for it, was blessed by Pope Francis at the Vatican just hours after she finally fled Sudan after a protracted fight for her freedom.


Texas abortion regulations
(Photo: Reuters/Mike Stone)

Texas Sees 13 Percent Drop in Abortions With Controversial Pro-Life Law

Texas has experienced a 13 percent drop in abortions since last year, when Republican Gov. Rick Perry signed a bill that requires abortion clinics to meet the same health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers. Since November, some abortions clinic owners have opted to close their facilities instead of raising their level of care.

David Martin
(Photo: Facebook/David Martin)

'I Am Second' Student Director Began Evangelizing in Hospital Waiting Rooms

Evangelizing is not about methodology as much as it is about intentionality because there is always an opportunity to share the Gospel with people, says David Martin, Director of Student Initiatives for "I Am Second," a ministry that posts a series of web videos featuring notable personalities and their testimonies about God.

The Leftovers
Picture: HBO

'The Leftovers': Should Christians Watch This Rapture-Inspired Series? Part II

HBO's the Leftovers is four episodes in and one thing seems clear about the world these writers are trying to create, Christianity will not mean much to people anymore if a rapture takes place.

Meriam Ibrahim (L), her two children and Lapo Pistelli (R), Italy's vice-minister for foreign affairs, who accompanied the family to Italy on July 24, 2014.
(Photo: Lapo Pistelli Facebook photo)

Meriam Ibrahim Flies Out to Italy; Prime Minister Declares 'Day of Celebration'

Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim and her family have left Sudan and flew to Italy, where they were met by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, according to reports. Renzi declared a "day of celebration" for the woman, who had initially been sentenced to death for renouncing Islam and marrying a Christian Sudanese-American.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates attends a session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Jan. 26, 2012.
(Photo: Reuters/Christian Hartmann)

Over 125 Philanthropist Billionaires Are Giving Half of Their Wealth Away

"The Giving Pledge," made public by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett four years ago, has already attracted 127 billionaires who have pledged to give at least half of their wealth to philanthropic causes.