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America Needs Regime Change

Wallace Henley Portrait

America needs regime change — not in the essential form of Constitutional government, but departure from the contemporary regime of power that dominates American politics.

How the Law Leads People to Christ

dan delzell opinion page

"The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith." (Galatians 3:24) In other words, the perfect law of God is like a mirror to man's soul. And when you and I look in this mirror, we see how far we have fallen from God's perfect standard.

Finding Your Self-Worth Where It Matters Most

Joyce Meyer

Every person on earth needs to know they matter … that they mean something to someone and that they are valuable. The problem is when people don't get a good start in life, they often waste their lives searching for self-worth in all the wrong places.

The Fake 'Jesus' Wife' Papyrus

Eric Metaxas

Probably a fake. That's what a Harvard professor is saying about the "Jesus' wife" papyrus she once believed to be authentic. Why did folks fall for it in the first place?

Warning: This Article May Offend Many Christians

Shane Idleman

I'm not referring to all churches collectively in this article, but to the large majority who have drifted away from God. The present condition of the church leaves one to wonder if the lack of the fear of the Lord is contributing to her spiritually dead condition.

Kirsten Powers Is Wrong About Evangelical Support for Trump

Steve Turley

In a recent article for USA Today, political pundit Kirsten Powers argued that conservative white evangelicals support Trump "because they are mad that they can't impose their worldview on the rest of the country, whether it relates to gays and lesbians, transgender people and non-whites."

Hillary Clinton: Do Black Baby Lives Matter?

Michael Brown

I know that you and Mr. Clinton have been considered real friends of the African American community to the point that, before President Obama's election, your husband was jokingly referred to as the nation's first black president.

How to Pray for Your Police Department

Jamie Morgan

People of God, we know the God who answers prayer. We are well acquainted with the power of prayer. We have been given the mandate to pray for those in authority (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Let's not just "hash tag" a promise to pray. LET'S PRAY!

Mike Pence: 8 Quotes From Trump's VP Nominee

Indiana Governor Mike Pence

I had the privilege of doing a television interview for the broadcast ministry of Dr. D. James Kennedy in the same month as the historic 2010 mid-term elections, which favored conservatives. Here are portions of that 11/30/10 interview.

Why ISIS Is So Brutal

Steve Turley

In the wake of the Bastille Day massacred, there seems to be no end to ISIS-inspired brutality. In the latest slaughter, a Tunisian deliveryman, Mohamed Bouhlel, barreled his truck into a crowd in Nice, France, killing 84 and wounding 200.

Does God Have a Political Affiliation?

Michael Brown

When Pastor Mark Burns opened up the Republican National Convention with prayer on Monday night, he could not have made himself more clear. Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, was a believer in Jesus Christ, and the enemy was not other Republicans but rather "Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party."

The Case for Kurdish Statehood

Iraqi Kurdish female fighter

Why has the West been so supportive of Palestinian nationalism, yet so reluctant to support the Kurds, the largest nation in the world without a state?

From the Liberty Bell to MLK's 'Let Freedom Ring'

Gordon Boronow

Except that in 1776 not all the inhabitants in the land were free. Many were enslaved. The blatant contradiction between the ideal of proclaiming liberty and the fact of slavery could not endure. Abolitionists adopted the bell as a symbol for their movement to rid the nation of slavery.


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Democratic National Convention

Bernie Sanders Tries to Unify Party as Protesters Boo Hillary Clinton, Chant 'Lock Her Up'

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont told his supporters to support presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, even as protesters and delegates voiced their discontent inside and outside the Democratic National Convention.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama: Election Is 'About Who Will Have the Power to Shape Our Children'

Speaking to a crowd of fellow Democrats energized by her presence on the first night of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Obama said she believes this election is "about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four or eight years of their lives."


Greg and Cathe Laurie Share Message to All Who've Supported Them in Their Grief 8 Years Since Son's Death

Harvest Christian Fellowship Senior Pastor Greg Laurie and his wife, Cathe, reflected on the loss of their son, Christopher, who died eight years ago in a car accident on his way to church, and expressed their gratitude to those who supported them without making "oversimplified theological statements."

Preachers, Talk Show
(Photo: Screen Grab/FOX)

Pastor Jamal Bryant Tells Mama, 7.5M 'Preachers' Fans He Was Joking About Open Marriage

Pastor Jamal Bryant's mother was upset when she heard the Baltimore megachurch leader joke about believing in open marriages on his new daytime talk show "Preachers."

Egyptian Coptic Christian
(Photo: Reuters/Stringer)

Attacks Against Christians in Egypt Rising at Alarming Rate, Human Rights Groups Warn

Human rights groups have been speaking out against what they say is an alarming escalation of violence in several attacks against Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christian community, with police providing little if any protection for victims.

Tim Tebow
(Photo: Pulse)

Tim Tebow at Together 2016: I Challenge You to Love Every Person in Your Life

Speaking to thousands of Christians gathered on the National Mall Saturday, Christian football star Tim Tebow said Christians can change their communities and neighborhoods simply by loving "every person they come in contact with" and by loving Jesus Christ