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Obamacare: Bad for Insurers, Patients and Your Wallet

Ken Blackwell

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, was enacted, Americans were promised a healthcare system in which insurance companies would be held accountable and patients would have access to affordable care.

Top 5 Reasons for Mommy Guilt

Mother and child

We say we don't care, but the truth is, we strive after it. As women and mothers, we try to hard to keep it all together, to keep the smiling face in place, all the while battling fits of guilt over all that we didn't do, and don't have.

CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed

Michael Brown

It is unfortunate that the Ted Cruz campaign and Rep. Steve King sent out misleading and even erroneous information about Dr. Ben Carson's campaign plans, for which Cruz and King have apologized. But CNN is also to blame ...

Marriage Is for the Courageous

Craig Gross

I once spoke at a marriage conference … where I heard an interesting fact about the relationship between happiness in a marriage and the amount of times the husband and wife in that couple were engaging in sexual activity.

5 Causes of Church Member Burnout

Thom Rainer

Her departure stunned the members and leadership. She was the one member you could count on. She was there "every time the doors were open." And then she never showed up again.

3 Simple Ways to Build Intimacy With Your Spouse

Will Your Marriage Last a Lifetime?

If you've been married for any length of time, you know that the relationship you have with your spouse should be like no other. Two people who've made a commitment to each other have started on a journey to merge their lives together.

Testimony From a Former Porn Star Is Unlike Anything We've Ever Heard

Craig Gross

One of our focuses here at XXXchurch has always been on those who are in the porn industry. We meet so many of them during outreaches and we've long known that they're regular people, just like you and me: they have dreams for life, they have bills to pay, they have parents and family and (occasionally) children.


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Christians in China

Arrest of China's Largest Megachurch Pastor 'Will Shake the Spirit' of Christian Leaders

China Aid, a Christian human rights organization based in the U.S., says Pastor Gu Yuese of Hangzhou's Chongyi Church, the largest government sanctioned church in China, has no chance to escape sentencing by the Communist Party for standing up against the crackdown on churches.

Gospel for Asia Awaits Papers as 'Tens of Thousands' Could Join Class Action Lawsuit

With more than a million unique donations being made to Gospel for Asia annually, Monday's bombshell class action lawsuit against one of the largest missions agencies based in the U.S. could potentially involve no less than "tens of thousands" of plaintiffs and the agency says it's still waiting to be served.


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio

Rubio Joins Cruz, Evangelicals in Legislation Against Women Being Drafted Into Combat

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has decided to stand behind a piece of legislation that for now keeps the ban on women from being required to register for a hypothetical military draft.

Paul Osteen

Lakewood Church Hosts Medical Missions Conference to Mobilize Believers to Serve

Christians who want to serve in medical missions don't have to travel to the interior of Africa to help people in need when there are countless opportunities to serve in the U.S., says Dr. Paul Osteen, who's hosting the Mobilizing Medical Missions Conference in Houston next week.

Cam Newton
(Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake)

Cam Newton's Mother Cautions Him Not to Let the Devil Use His Platform

Before Cam Newton stormed out of his press conference following his Carolina Panthers' Super Bowl 50 loss, the quarterback's mother, Jackie, advised him to use his platform to promote Jesus Christ.

saeed abedini
(Courtesy of ACLJ)

Iran Claims Republicans Worked to Stall Release of Saeed Abedini Until 2016 Elections

A top Iranian official claims that Republican members of Congress directly asked the Iranian administration to hold off on releasing Pastor Saeed Abedini and three other American hostages until the eve of the 2016 elections.