Under Fire After Pastor AR Bernard's Exit, Evangelical Advisory Board Explains Work With Trump

Under fire from mainstream media critics, President Donald Trump's evangelical advisers explained this week why a majority of the group's members have stuck by the administration even as prominent New York City Pastor A.R. Bernard resigned in protest over the president's controversial comments on the deadly riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Pastor Offers 10 Rebuttals to Christians Who Defend Watching Sex-Heavy 'Game of Thrones'

Pastor Kevin DeYoung of Christ Covenant Church in Matthews, North Carolina, is challenging Christians who try to defend their decision to watch HBO's "Game of Thrones," saying that he has not seen a single compelling argument for Christians viewing graphic sex scenes.


Digital Addiction, Sexualized Culture Driving Rising Teen Suicide Rates; Fight Is 'Spiritual Battle,' Some Say

Technology and a sexualized culture are driving rising suicide rates among teenagers, according to a prominent Internet safety activist and an author who focuses his ministry on equipping families about technology dangers. And this is a battle that is first and foremost a spiritual fight, they note.


White Teen Spray Paints N-Word With Expletive on Pastor's Truck, Says He Thought It Was Funny

A Tennessee pastor whose truck was spray painted with the N-word and an expletive as racial unrest erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, is now urging his community to use the incident as a teaching moment after police arrested two juveniles for the damage, including a 13-year-old boy who thought it would be funny.




Christ's Supremacy Conquers White Supremacy

The sinful nature stirs up pride, prejudice, anger, and hatred, whereas the Holy Spirit produces compassion, love, joy, and peace in the hearts of Christ followers. And anyone who hates others is certainly not a Christ follower.


YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos

It all happened in the course of one night, and it happened quite suddenly. It wasn't just a few videos here and there that were flagged on YouTube. It was dozens of them. No, wait, it was pages of them. No wait, pages and pages of them.


If We're Tearing Down Statues, Let's Be Consistent


It is clear that toppling towers of dead men who once did bad things or thought bad things will be this era's thundering contribution to making the world a better place. In which case, the least I'd like to ask for is some intellectual consistency.


Christians Believe in Supremacy — in Christ

In all of this talk about supremacy: I want to be very clear. Christians believe in supremacy. In fact, Christians believe in exclusive absolute supremacy. Shocked? But I'm not talking about purple supremacy or green supremacy, black supremacy or white supremacy.


Trump's Order Puts All National Monuments at Risk

Over 225,000 pro-life Christians have asked our public officials to protect public lands, including our National Monuments – all of which are now under threat from the Trump Administration's reckless and unprecedented proposal that they can be rescinded by the whim of the President

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Should Trump's Evangelical Advisers Abandon Him?

In the aftermath of the President's comments about Charlottesville, some Republican leaders have distanced themselves from him, while a number of major business leaders have stopped supporting him. Why are the evangelical leaders on his faith advisory council still standing with him?


Roots of Hate


Did you know? The trans-Atlantic slave trade was a continuation and expansion of an already thriving Arab enterprise. Further, the trans-Saharan trade long outlived and, in terms of African victims, outnumbered its European counterpart.


The Deep History Behind Radical Islam's Attacks in _____


Depending upon when you read this article, you can fill in the blank. As I write, the newest was in Barcelona, Spain, perpetrated (so officials think) by an ISIS-inspired Moroccan. That we hope each attack will be the last, as if we're merely weathering a passing storm, attests to our general ignorance of deep history.


The Media's Glaring Double Standards on Violence and Hate

"Should the media highlight acts of hatred and violence when carried out by the left?" I'm not talking about Charlottesville here or making a moral comparison between the groups involved. I'm talking about a consistent pattern of dangerous words and deeds from the radical left, most of which get scant attention from the media.


Dyslexia, My Gift


Growing up I didn't know I had dyslexia. I couldn't read until I was in the third grade. I've struggled my entire life to comprehend what I'm reading, to spell words properly, to understand the meanings of words and enunciate them.


Fasting: Starve the Flesh to Feed the Soul


Sadly, everything, including church functions, is centered around food — potlucks, get-togethers, fellowship gatherings, etc. The last thing we want to talk about is humility through fasting. But we must return to the power of the Spirit​ through brokenness, prayer, humility, and fasting.