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10 Reasons Why I'm Not Giving Up on Local Churches: A Plea for Revitalization

The naysayers are at full throttle. "Local churches are dying!" "Churches are no longer relevant." "The church is full of hypocrites." "I don't need the institutional church." The naysayer nabobs of negativity are in full force. It's easy to give up. It sadly can be easy to believe God has given up on our churches. But He has not. I am convinced He has not.

Halloween: Steeped in Superstition


It's that time of year again when not only are nights getting colder and darker, but so too the atmosphere in many churches and Christian homes. The debate begins at the first sign of the autumn leaves and abruptly comes to a halt on November 1st – after all, Halloween comes to its demise for another year.

When a Friendship With God Becomes Natural

dan delzell opinion page

It's not natural to know God as your friend. It just isn't. That is, until you enter a supernatural relationship with your Creator. Only then does it feel "natural" to talk to God as a friend.

Houston Mayor Drops Bid to Subpoena Pastors' Sermons

Todd Starnes

Subpoenas issued to five Houston pastors demanding all sermons and correspondence dealing with homosexuality, gender identity and the city's Equal Rights ordinance have been withdrawn, the city's first openly lesbian mayor announced at a Wednesday press conference.

What the Vile Treatment of Bristol Palin Teaches Us

David French

Let me begin by plainly stating my biases. I like and admire the Palins. My wife has worked with Bristol for years, she collaborated with Sarah on her most recent book, and I have successfully represented Bristol in free-speech litigation. We Frenches share the Palins' political, cultural, and religious values, and we're proud to call them friends.

How Do You Really Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

perry noble

I was having a really great day…a REALLY great day… When all of a sudden "IT" hit me – the memory of what "that person" did to me over 30 years ago. Within a couple of seconds I went from happiness and joy to pain and anger ... serious anger, like I wanted to hurt someone anger.

ERLC Conference Discussion on 'The Gospel, Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage' Draws Plenty of Fireworks via #ERLC2014

ERLC conference

Day one of a three-day conference hosted by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Commission discussing how Christians should react to the ongoing battle between those framing the homosexual lifestyle debate as a civil rights issue and those supporting what they believe to be biblical moral values, including traditional marriage, featured plenty of fireworks – most happening online through social media.

David Gushee's Gay-Switch, Biblical Scholarship, and Slanted Reporting

robert gagnon

David Gushee has recast bad scholarship as martyrdom. According to his FB post, there are only two kinds of people in the world: Those who care for same-sex attracted persons and those who don't. He feels that love for same-sex attracted persons demands that we twist Scripture to mean what it can't possibly mean, read in its historical and literary context, so that such persons can now enter into homosexual unions free of any societal reservation or stricture.

When Your Jewish Family Member Meets Yeshua

dan delzell opinion page

People generally don't expect to have someone in their family start down a new spiritual path. And so it's only natural for Jews to become fearful when a loved one becomes a follower of Yeshua (Jesus Christ).

Voting: How Hungry and Thirsty Are You for Righteousness?

Mark Creech

In his great Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled" (Matt.5:6). Bible commentator William Barclay once wrote that it is difficult for us to feel the full import of Christ's words in this text. Unlike the people living in Palestine at the time – people for whom hunger and thirst were a problem every day – few moderns living in a period of prosperity know anything about real hunger and thirst.

7 Things I've Learned from Joyous Pastors' Wives

Thom Rainer

For certain, I have learned from other spouses of ministers as well. But the most frequent comments have come from pastors' wives. In this article, I share with you the lessons I've learned from pastors' wives who tell me they have found great joy and meaning in their lives. Here are seven of those lessons:

7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Practice Fasting

Fasting with One Eye on the Pie

Fasting – not our favorite topic. We don't usually like to talk about not eating. In fact, nobody talked to me about fasting when I was a young believer. I didn't learn about this spiritual discipline until I was already a local church pastor.

Robert P. George: Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom Cannot Coexist

Robert P. George

Gay marriage proponents will not allow for religious freedom of their political opponents because their belief system does not allow for the fact that dissenters can be reasonable people of goodwill, Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, argued at the Institute on Religion and Democracy's 2014 Diane Knippers Memorial Lecture.

I Love Jesus Too Much to Call Myself a 'Gay Christian'

matt moore

There's a new kind of Gay Christian. Most of us are aware of the Justin Lees and the Matthew Vines, but, unlike those guys and like myself, these new Gay Christians hold fast to the truth of Scripture regarding the sinfulness of homosexual behavior.

Re-Heroizing Missions Work to the Next Generation

Greg Stier

I believe youth ministry is facing mission-drift when it comes to missions work. Far too many of our younger youth leaders view the "missionary" as an ancient relic of a bygone era whose place is as a dimly lit picture in the foyer of a steepled church on a "Go ye into all the world" wall. Missionaries are either ignored, marginalized or viewed as a necessity to pacify older tithers in the church and keep them happy.

How Do You Really Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

Perry Noble

Forgiveness is MUCH DEEPER than a feeling (if we wait until we feel like forgiving we will never actually forgive) but rather a choice I have to make over and over again when the pain from what was done to me hits me out of nowhere.


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National Discussion Over Brittany Maynard's Decision to End Her Life Prompts Family to Release 13-Y-O Son's Video Message for His Friends Before Dying

The family of Ethan Hallmark of Midlothian, Texas, whose four-year battle with terminal cancer before succumbing to his illness late last month at age 13, was made public through video, and has released a clearly different message than the one Brittany Maynard is giving in video in which she shares her desire to end her life on her own terms, drawing national attention.


(Photo: Reuters/Joshua Lott)

Should Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancies Be Stigmatized?

To encourage young people to delay pregnancies until they are married, should some stigma be attached to out-of-wedlock births? This question was debated Tuesday at an American Enterprise Institute panel discussion.

Kerry Shook
(Photo: Woodlands Church)

National 'Be the Message Sunday' Includes Vision to Pack 10 Million Meals for Ebola-Stricken Countries

Kerry and Chris Shook, New York Times bestselling authors and pastors at Woodlands Church in Houston, Texas, are challenging church leaders across the United States to schedule a national "Be the Message Sunday," during which they will shorten their services and sermons to pack meals for people in Ebola-stricken countries.

Evangelical Pastor on Gay Marriage: If We Are on the Right Side of Jesus, We Will Be on the Right Side of History

Sam Allberry at ERLC

Sam Allberry, associate minister of St. Mary's church in Berkshire, urged leaders who are silent on marriage, or are teaching something contrary to one man and one woman, to stand on the side of Jesus. "We do very well to remember that if we are on the right side of (the Jesus of Revelations 1), we will not be on the wrong side of history, because He is the beginning and the end, the first and the last," Allberry said.

Christian Bale
(Photo: Reuters / Lucas Jackson)

Christian Bale Calling Moses Mentally Ill, 'Barbaric' Is Ignorant Bigotry, Says Christian Writer Brian Godawa

Christian writer Brian Godawa dismissed recent comments made by actor Christian Bale characterizing the biblical Moses as "schizophrenic" and "barbaric" as ignorant bigotry.

Iraqi Christians
(Photo: Reuters/Youssef Boudlal)

90 Percent of Iraq's Orthodox Christians Are Displaced, Only 30 of 600 Orthodox Families Remain in Baghdad

As Islamic State extremists continue their reign of terror through Iraq and Syria, the chaos, violence and persecution forced upon the thousands of people in the region has caused 90 percent of Orthodox Christians in Iraq to flee the sanctity of their homes, according to the Greek Orthodox Bishop for Baghdad, Ghattas Hazim.

(Photo: Reuters/Michael Dalder)

Apple, Facebook Insinuate 'Mothers Are Not Welcomed in the Workplace' With Freezing Egg Benefit, Says Christian Theologian

Although some are praising Silicon Valley technology companies Facebook and Apple for offering to pay for their female employees to undergo egg freezing procedures that would allow them to put off childbirth until after the prime of their careers, a Christian ethicist is arguing that companies paying for such fertility treatments send the message that "mothers are not welcomed in the workplace during the prime of their careers."