Don't Use Religious Arguments to Combat Transgender Activism in Public Schools, VVS Panelists Say

Noted advocates for children and families are unmasking how transgender activism has entered the public school system, and urging Christians to put aside differences with ideological opponents to resist it.

Tortured Missionary Begs Trump Not to Go to War and Risk Lives of Hidden Christians in North Korea

A Korean-American missionary who was tortured by North Koreans has begged U.S. President Donald Trump to resist going to war with Kim Jong Un, warning that a military option could kill countless of civilians and many of the hidden Christians there.


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The Next Generation of Christians in Comedy: 4 Millennials You Need to Know

Christian comedy has expanded its reach throughout the years, bringing the joy of the Lord beyond the four walls of the church. Now, a new generation of comedians are carrying the proverbial torch passed on by veteran comics like Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., Henry Cho and Chonda Pierce to new levels.


Churches Shocked to Find Graffiti That Says 'Crucify' Those Who Vote Against Gay Marriage

At least two churches in Australia have been spray-painted over the weekend with graffiti that says "crucify No voters," referring to those who vote against gay marriage in the country's postal vote survey.


Why I Signed the Nashville Statement


The Nashville Statement is a recent document addressing contemporary issues of sexuality and affirming traditional Christian views. It has been signed by a significant number of Christian leaders. Unfortunately, as we have come to expect in our polarized society, it has also occasioned the predictable firestorm of angry denunciation.


Can This White Guy Talk About Racism?

Please help me to understand something. I'm not a Muslim, but I can speak about Islam. I'm not gay, but I can address LGBT issues. I'm not an atheist, but I can address atheism. Yet when I weigh in constructively on racial issues in America, I'm told I have no right to speak or, worse still, I'm accused of racism. Why is that?

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Why I Agreed to Speak at an Anti-Zionism Conference

Why did I agree to speak a conference that I have blasted in the past for being anti-Zionistic and perhaps even anti-Semitic? Why I am participating in an event that has been used to propagate what I have branded "a deadly anti-Israel theological error"? (I meant the word "deadly" quite literally.)


Overcoming Middle School Pressure With God's Power

Jerry Spinelli said, "Peer pressure is just that: pressure." And the age when most people feel the greatest pressure to "fit in" is during the middle school years. No wonder Jeff Kinney said, "I've never run into a person who yearns for their middle school days."


Ask Chuck: How Do I Choose a Career?

Dear Chuck: I have been in my current job for only two years since graduation and am starting to feel I made a mistake. ... What career fields have a promising future and how can I make the transition?


Couple Married 75 Years Die Together in Fire


The couple celebrated their seventy-fifth wedding anniversary last year. Charles was one hundred years old; Sara was ninety-eight and had suffered a stroke. They lived together in their home in Napa, California. This week, they died together.


Dialogue Means Listening to Pence Too


It seems the height of intellectual inconsistency to spend weeks defending and applauding players who generate publicity for their cause by engaging in an action that is distracting and offensive to many people, but then turn around and cast reproach upon a Vice President generating publicity for his cause by engaging in an action that you found distracting and offensive.


Can Giving Be Selfish?


After 40 U.S. billionaires pledged several years ago to donate at least half of their fortunes to charity, headlines proclaimed that philanthropy had become a "new status symbol" for the wealthy.