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Human Trafficking Fueled by Evil, Not Climate Change

Elizabeth Yore

Climate alarmists constantly revise their language in search of a catchy phrase that captures, and obscures, our reason and will. Hence, "catastrophic, anthropogenic (manmade) global warming" (CAGW—clear and specific) morphs into "global warming" (vague), which morphs into "climate change" (more vague).

6 Facts You Should Know About Syrian Refugee Debate

Syria refugee camp

As the debate over whether Syrian refugees should be allowed to resettle in the United States has heated up following the Islamic State's attack on Paris, a panel of refugee resettlement experts briefed congressional staffers on Monday about the facts behind the U.S.' refugee resettlement process.

When Repentance Feels Impossible

matt moore

Christian, have you ever found yourself ferociously dominated by some public or secret sin? Have you tried to fight, day in and day out, against some pesky lust of the flesh only to find yourself continually falling into its miserable grip?

'Please, Take My Child,' She Begged

Mary Beth Chapman

I will never forget walking the streets of Port-au-Prince, hand-in-hand with my daughter, and being approached by a Haitian mother with a young child on her hip. "Please, please, oh please," she begged me, "Please, take my child with you."

Why Some Churches Choose to Die

Thom Rainer

The conversation surprised me. I was recently meeting with about a dozen members of a church that was on the precipice of closing. During their perceived "good old days," the average worship attendance was in the 40s and 50s. Now the church attendance was in the teens. The church was on metaphorical life support.

'Woman of the Year' Caitlyn Jenner Has XY Chromosomes

Caitlyn Jenner

Recently Glamour magazine, you know the one that gathers dust in nail salons across America, held their annual Woman of the Year awards ceremony. Drum roll please. … And the 2015 winner is Caitlyn Jenner. (Stunned silence ensues as women all over the nation throw up their hands in surrender.)

Obama Needs a Reality Check

Ken Connor

Speaking to ABC's George Stephanopoulos, the President said that the goal of containing ISIS had been achieved. Not 12 hours later, the world watched in shock and horror as ISIS conducted several coordinated attacks across Paris, killing 129 and wounding hundreds more.

PC-Religion Is Dumbing-Down Sunday Schools

Paul de Vries portrait

In last weekend's Wall Street Journal article on a "new" approach to Sunday School at a large and influential New York City church that is surrounded by poverty and educational dysfunction, the reporter noted without alarm that this is "a jazzed-up Sunday School, without a Bible in sight."

Gay Marriage and the 'Friend Zone'

Barronelle Stutzman

Now that same-sex marriage is being treated as the law of the land, Christians find themselves in precarious friendship scenarios — and I'm not just talking about deciding whether or not to attend a gay friend's wedding reception. The challenges are costly.


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food bank food pantry poverty

Over 48 Million Americans Can't Afford to Buy Food, 2016 Hunger Report Finds

Many health-related problems Americans face are directly related to hunger and malnutrition, according to a new report by the ecumenical Christian anti-poverty group Bread for the World.


Amanda Blackburn, Larry Taylor, Jalen Watson

Amanda Blackburn Fought and Got Shot Three Times, Including Once in Back of Head

On the morning Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant wife of Resonate Church pastor, Davey Blackburn in Indiana, was killed, a neighbor said she heard two gunshots and what sounded like a woman scream.

florida church

Floundering White Church Experiences 'Miraculous' Growth Since Merging With Black Megachurch

A once struggling, predominantly white church in Florida has experienced amazing growth since merging with a predominantly black megachurch.

(Photo: Courtesy of Tyndale)

Duck Dynasty's Missy Robertson on Faith, Miracles in New Book 'Blessed, Blessed … Blessed' (Interview)

"Duck Dynasty" reality TV star Missy Robertson is the author of "Blessed, Blessed ... Blessed," a new book about her family's humble beginnings and the many challenges they have faced along the way.

Paris, France
(Photo: Reuters/Eric Vidal)

Brussels on Highest Terror Alert; ISIS Threat 'Serious, Imminent'

Belgium's capital Brussels has been put on the country's highest alert due to "a serious and imminent threat" after reports that an Islamic State, or ISIS, terrorist, suspected to be part of the attacks on Paris a week ago, was in the city, apparently armed with a suicide belt and trying to get to Syria.

Armando Valladares
(Photo: Becket Fund)

Cuban Man Says He Relied on God to Survive 22 Years of Torture in Castro's Gulag

A former Cuban prisoner of conscience who was imprisoned for 22 years by Fidel Castro's Communist regime will be honored as the recipient of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty's highest honor.