10 Crazy Things I Saw at CPAC 2017

A lot goes on every year when conservatives from across the nation gather for the annual 3-day Conservative Political Action Conference hosted by the American Conservative Union at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center.

Which Lawmakers Fight for International Religious Freedom? New Report Says These Two Have 'Top Scores'

A nonprofit group that advocates for religious freedom has released a first-of-its kind scorecard for federal lawmakers on international religious freedom issues based on their sponsorship of legislation, their votes and caucus work. Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Chris Smith have been ranked on the top.

Most Americans Agree With Trump Not Obama on Transgender Bathroom Mandate

As President Donald Trump rolls back the Obama administration's guidelines that schools must allow students to go into bathrooms based on their gender identity and not their birth sex, a new survey finds that most Americans agree with Trump and believe schools' bathroom policies are not for the federal government to decide.






Donald Trump vs. Our Biased Media


Here's a variation of a joke I heard recently that is circulating among conservatives. The pope and Trump were out on a ship and suddenly a gust of wind causes the pontiff's hat to fly several feet away from the boat on surface of the water. Trump gets out of the boat and walks on water to retrieve the miter.

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Would Jesus Scold Trump on Refugees?


If there is one thing that I am grateful to see coming from the Trump presidency, it has been the sudden renewed interest in applying Biblical principles to our country's moral and ethical dilemmas amongst so many on the progressive left.


Progressives vs. Trumponians: A Second American Revolution?

Tens of millions of Americans were shocked to their core by the unforeseen, unprecedented, and turbulent presidential election of 2016. Even more shocking for many have been the divisive rhetoric, demonstrations (sometimes violent) and vows of complete resistance to President Trump and his new administration commencing before his inauguration.


New Film Challenges Evolution Worldview


Is Genesis history? That is the title of an intriguing new film, hosted by Del Tackett, who created and hosted "The Truth Project" (for Focus on the Family), which was seen by some 12 million people worldwide.