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How Can I Help My Daughter Find Mr. Right?

Marina Slayton

Our eldest daughter seems to be falling in love all the time - only to end up disappointed and bitter. She is now well into her thirties and I am not sure if her knight in shining white armor will ever appear. Why can't she settle down with any of the nice young men she has met? The time between her relationships seem to be growing ever longer. We are worried that she might end up without anyone. Is there anything we can do to help our beloved daughter?

12 Benefits Your Church Might Provide Your Pastors

Chuck Lawless

My seminary students occasionally ask me about whether a "pay package" a church offers them is adequate. I can't always answer that question easily because I don't know the church's financial state. What I do know is what I believe a church ought to provide for its pastors. Your church may not be in a position to offer all these benefits, but perhaps you could work toward providing them

How to Handle Church Discipline

Shane Idleman

An unrepentant man attends church while continuing a porn addiction; a wife leaves her husband for a boyfriend; a gossip continues belittling and slandering ... the lists goes on and on.

Christians Join the Military?

Tony Magliano

During the recent U.S. Catholic bishops' fall assembly in Baltimore, several bishops and one abbot, decided to skip dinner at the downtown Marriott Waterfront hotel, and walked several blocks to an inner city parish to share a simple meal with about 30 peace activists – myself included.

Can the IRS Help You Fund Your Christmas Budget?

Chuck Bentley

I'm worried about how to cover the costs of Christmas. I know I should have been saving through the year, and I have some money set aside but do you have some suggestions on how to get some resources together to have more money available over the holidays?

Thanksgiving Doesn't Have to Look Like a Martha Stewart Book

Marina Slayton

My husband and I didn't grow up with many holiday traditions. I was lucky to get a cold turkey sandwich on Thanksgiving and his family didn't celebrate Christmas at all. But we just had our first child, and we want him (and his hoped for siblings) to have wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas memories. How should we start building those traditions? Thank you so much by the way…I really love your column.

Thank Your Way to a Good Attitude

dan delzell opinion page

You didn't choose your parents or the color of your skin. And you didn't choose your DNA. But you can choose your attitude. You get to choose everyday whether to grumble and complain, or to give thanks instead. And it's encouraging to know that you can literally thank your way to a good attitude.


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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Finds 'Great Love' in Meeting With Black Pastors Who Praise His 'Big Mouth'

Despite the controversy that preceded his meeting with a group of black pastors in New York City on Monday, Republican 2016 presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says he found "great love" among the pastors who praised his "big mouth" politics.

Jeremy Lin
(Photo: Reuters/Stringer)

Jeremy Lin Requests Prayer for Pride, Emotional Issues

While it is Jeremy Lin's job to work on his ball handling, passing and shooting skills, the Charlotte Hornets point guard is letting God help him with pride and emotional issues.

Boko Haram attack
(Photo: Reuters/Stringer)

Boko Haram Won't Be Defeated by December Deadline, Nigerian Gov't Admits

The Nigerian government has admitted that Boko Haram will not be defeated by the previously set December deadline, and warned citizens that suicide attacks may continue.

food bank food pantry poverty
(Photo: Reuters/David McNew)

Over 48 Million Americans Can't Afford to Buy Food, 2016 Hunger Report Finds

Many health-related problems Americans face are directly related to hunger and malnutrition, according to a new report by the ecumenical Christian anti-poverty group Bread for the World.