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What If Jesus Came to Your Home?

You hear a knock on your door. You go to see who it is only to discover the Lord Jesus Christ standing there. Would you open the door? Would you let Him in? Or would you pretend you're not home? (as if the Lord didn't know better)

Why Hillary's Alinsky Letters Matter

Stanley Kurtz

Alana Goodman's revelation at the Washington Free Beacon of previously unknown correspondence between Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky shows that Clinton has not been honest about her far-left past. The lost Alinsky letters also remind us of what we ought to know but have forgotten,

Wycliffe Bible Translators President on Inspiring New Generation to End 'Bible Poverty' by Translating Last 1,870 Languages


The president of the world's largest Scripture translation organization, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, hopes that his new book, released earlier this month, will inspire more people to help finish the remaining translations of the Gospel, which he thinks will need the help of the next generation to complete the original goal of starting every translation by 2025.

Our Savior's Strategy of Communication

Richard Land Portrait

In the book of Revelation the risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ appears to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos and, among other things, gives the Beloved Apostle a letter to each of seven churches in Asia Minor. In each of the letters if the church was doing something right He always told them what they were doing well before He told them what they were doing wrong. Would it not revolutionize our churches if Christians applied Jesus' strategy in discussions and disagreements with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Why I Want to Be Left Behind

The official movie poster for \

So when rapture enthusiasts say they can't wait to get "taken," I can't help but think of Inigo Montoya's penetrating slogan from "The Princess Bride": "You keep on using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."

Texas Megachurch's Cave on Property Battle May Hurt Other Congregations Considering Leaving PCUSA


A decision by Highland Park Presbyterian Church (HPPC) of Dallas to pay Presbyterian Church (USA) $7.8-milion for a building that the congregation built in the 1920s, nearly 60 years before it joined PCUSA, may strand countless other congregations as they struggle with leaving PCUSA over its policy of allowing non-celibate homosexuals to marry and be in leadership.

A Warning Against Apathy

David Curry Open Doors USA

Last week's presidential speech on the crisis in Iraq and Syria highlighted that we are entering a battle, albeit from a distance, following the gruesome murder of two American journalists (and, more recently, a British aid worker). These murders are particularly shocking to the Western mind — how could anyone do something so gruesome?

A Society's Soul: How to Tell Its Condition

Mark Creech

"Abortion would virtually disappear tomorrow if it were not for the willful violation of God's great charter of marriage and purity. The abortion problem begins with a rebellion that says, 'I will do as I please for pleasure. I reject the limits prescribed by God in favor of personal satisfaction."

A Message to the Church From a So-Called 'Ex-Gay'

matt moore

With the ever quickening shift of our culture away from a moral/biblical view toward sexuality, I think there is a very real temptation for some Christians, especially in the American Church, to shift alongside the culture and adopt a different (unbiblical) view of sexuality…or just to sit back and remain silent about it.

10 Warning Signs That a Relationship Could Become Abusive

Karl Benzio

When behavior shocks the world — whether a high-profile murder, domestic violence involving a sports star or even corporal punishment uncertainties surrounding a football player — there are always questions: "Where were the signs that this could happen?" "Why didn't we see this coming?"

7 Danger Signs for Caregivers

Peter Rosenberger

Despite all their skills, blinding speed and apparent competency, all caregivers suffer from the same challenge: What they do is unsustainable. It's simply a matter of time before a caregiver's body, emotions and/or their wallet will break down.

Are Church Planters Skirting Inner-City Life for the 'Sexy' Urban Mission Field?

Christian minister D.A. Horton

Contrary to a time when urban areas were abandoned in a rush of white flight to the more racially-homogenous suburbs, eager and excited church planters are now flocking to cities like L.A. and NYC, holding up the banner of God's call in Jeremiah 29:7 to "seek the good of the city." But, according to urban apologist and former church planter D.A. Horton, his peers mostly seem intent on seeking the welfare of the safe and gentrified urban areas.


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U.S. President Barack Obama
(Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque)

Obama Praises Middle Eastern Allies Who Helped in Airstrikes Against ISIS, Works to Build Support for Coalition at UN

U.S. President Barack Obama praised Middle Eastern allies who assisted in targeted airstrikes against ISIS in the Islamic terrorist group's stronghold in Syria early Tuesday ahead of his trip to the United Nations in New York where he is expected to build support for his global coalition against the terrorists Wednesday.


US airstrikes in Syria
(Photo: Reuters/Abdalghne Karoof)

US Bombs 'Khorasan' Sites in Syria; Officials Say This Terror Group Is as Big a Threat to US as ISIS

The U.S. military targeted sites of an al-Qaeda-linked Islamist extremist group, the Khorasan, in Syria by airstrikes overnight after intelligence officials warned this group is as big a threat to the U.S. as ISIS, or Islamic State, and has the ability and inclination to attack Western targets.

perry noble

Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Admits Not Giving Tithes for 9 Years But Still Being Broke

Pastor Perry Noble admitted that he withheld from giving his tithes to the church for nine years until he understood the meaning of Malachi 3:10, the biblical verse that commands Christians to tithe.

Ricky Dillard
(Photo: Derek Blanks)

Ricky Dillard Exclusive: Choral Master Talks Almost Quitting, Why He Couldn't Abandon Choir

Choir master Ricky Dillard seems to be an anomaly on radio airwaves during a time when many of his kind have been replaced by more modern sounding gospel music artists.

Worshippers pray during a mass at the Liuhe Catholic Church in Liuhe village on the outskirts of Qingxu county, northern China, in this undated photo.
(Photo: REUTERS)

100 Christians, Including Children, Arrested During Major House Church Raid in China

Over 100 Christians, including children, were arrested during a major house church raid on Sunday in Foshan city in China's Guangdong Province. Close to 200 police officers stormed in during the service, eyewitnesses said, believed to be part of a large-scale crackdown on Christians in the country.

Ronnie floyd
(Photo: The Christian Post/Sonny Hong)

Interview: SBC President Ronnie Floyd Counsels Pastors on Prayer, Spiritual Awakening

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd is urging U.S. pastors to commit more time to prayer so the American church can experience a spiritual awakening.