Cancer-Stricken Nabeel Qureshi Saw Jesus in a Dream, Was Given 'Prophetic Act' to Carry Out

Prominent Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi, who is battling stage IV stomach cancer, said Jesus recently appeared to him in a dream and gave him an odd command after he prayed for God to give him more guidance as he continues to "languish" and go through chemotherapy.


Democrat Senator Unwittingly Made Pro-Life Point in Nazi Abortionist Story, Activists Say

Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont unwittingly proved the validity of a pro-life argument on Wednesday while sharing an anecdote to defend the United States Supreme Court's decision in 1973 to legalize abortion nationwide, pro-life activists say.

Princeton Seminary Cancels Award to Tim Keller After LGBT Complaint

A week after disgruntled Princeton Theological Seminary alumni complained that Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, should not receive the school's Kuyper Prize because of his church's position on the ordination of women and LGBT individuals, the seminary decided Wednesday not to give the award this year.


David Platt Joins McLean Bible Church as Interim Pastor; Megachurch's Senior Pastor Stepping Down

David Platt, a prominent Southern Baptist, recently began serving as an interim teaching pastor at McLean Bible Church after its senior pastor announced that he was going to step down.




Would Winning the Lottery Satisfy My Soul?

When 17-year-old Jane Park became Britain's youngest lottery winner in 2013, she assumed it would fulfill her wildest dreams. In reality, hitting the jackpot turned her world into a living nightmare.


'Hee Haw' and Trump's 'Deplorables'


When Hee Haw's Gordie Tapp died recently, we lost an entertainment icon. His straw-hat TV character — Cousin Clem — was a mainstay in fictitious Kornfield County. "Where oh where are you tonight?" was his hallmark scene.

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Sorry, Working Moms Actually Don't 'Do It All'

The viral video of Professor Robert Kelly and his family has produced quite the range of opinions from armchair commentators. Some have been hilarious, others rather wise, and plenty uncalled for. Yet there's one common refrain being recycled should be put to bed once and for all.


'God Is Transgender' Is Blasphemy

It's bad enough when misguided citizens, those sunk deeply in the muck and mire of worldly values, come out against what's clearly an irrevocable law of nature. But it's nothing less than a scandal that reaches heaven itself when clergy do it in God's name.


New Study Wildly Overstates Benefits of Contraception

As congressional efforts to defund Planned Parenthood gain momentum, it is unsurprising that the abortion provider is fighting back. The group recently funded a study which makes some outlandish claims about the purported health benefits of contraception.


5 Interesting Facts About Saint Patrick

Some see it as a day for heavy drinking. Others see it as a day for honoring the memory of a famous saint of the early church. And others see it for both. Across the world, people will celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on Friday. But who exactly was St. Patrick?