Protests, Bloodshed in Jerusalem; Israeli Embassy in Jordan Attacked

Israel has sent extra troops to the West Bank after at least seven people were killed in the worst Israeli-Palestinian violence in years. An Israeli security guard was also stabbed at the country's embassy in Jordan Sunday. The U.N. Security Council is holding an emergency session Monday.


Anti-Trump Message Not Working for Democrats, Party Leaders Look to Rebrand

As polling shows that more Americans today think that the Democratic Party "just stands against" President Donald Trump instead of promoting its own messages and ideas, leading liberals are calling for the party to unify its base by refocusing its attention on providing a strong economic alternatives.


Episcopal Church Panel Recommends 3-Year Suspension for Calif. Bishop Who Tried to Sell Church

A disciplinary panel of The Episcopal Church has recommended that a California bishop be suspended for three years for trying to sell a congregation's property to a townhouse developer without its permission.



Lech Walesa Joins Poland Pro-Democracy Protests; President to Veto Controversial Laws

After Poland's former president and democracy icon Lech Walesa joined the ongoing protests over the governing party's plan to bring Poland's judicial system under its political control, President Andrzej Duda said he will block the proposed legislation.


Rev. Barber's Theological Malpractice


At a press conference in Charlotte organized by the Christian Action League, I, along with four other high profile ministers in the state took umbrage with Barber's conclusions concerning prayer for public officials, as well as some other statements he made about the poor and most vulnerable in society and our responsibility to them.


Making Christian Education Great Again

Christian schools can and have lost their salvation. And while many still maintain a "vibrant" faith too many have stepped on the "slippery slope" toward faithlessness and still others have already "bottomed out."


Yes, Gay Activists Want to Punish Christian Conservatives

Call me paranoid if you like, but I'm simply quoting what Tim Gill, the foremost LGBT political donor says in his own words: "We're going into the hardest states in the country," he declares. "We're going to punish the wicked," by which he means Christian conservatives.

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Why the Media Hates Trump


As the drumbeat to oust President Trump reaches near fever pitch, it is important for all fair-minded Americans to understand if that happens, America as we know it is finished ... done.


Eugene Peterson and Same-Sex Marriage: It's a Gospel Issue

I'm glad for Eugene Peterson's retraction on same-sex marriage, though his statements are still puzzling. Even more, they're revealing. First, they reveal the crisis of authority among evangelicals. So much of this conversation, and many others within the evangelical church, is driven by celebrities instead of doctrine.