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Popular Christian Rapper Talks Race, the Church, and Why It Could've Been Him

It is an "irresponsible argument" for critics of the claim that police officers are biased in their targeting of and interactions with black men to point to so-called black-on-black crime, according to Christian rapper, pastor, author, and thought leader Trip Lee. That only deflects from the real issue, he said in a recent interview in which he comments on race, the church, and how he identifies with Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

In Redeeming Racial Relationships, It Matters How We Look

Paul de Vries portrait

This is deeply encouraging, because Gospel-teaching churches must take bold Biblical leadership on the present American racial scene for there to be real progress. The very institutions that remain so embarrassingly segregated on Sunday mornings can become the brightest, exemplary beacons of light for racial justice and reconciliation going forward. This is also a personal passion; racial social justice has been a constant and costly major theme of my life and ministry.

Faith Crashers: Why Does God Kill People in the Old Testament?


There is a growing refrain among non-theists: reading the Bible made me an atheist. The saying commonly refers to Old Testament passages that puzzle non-believers and Christians alike. Most puzzling are the accounts in which God allows the death and destruction of humanity as He did with the flood in Genesis and bloody wars against the Canaanites detailed in Deuteronomy.

Healing America's Racial Divide

Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Md., and Hope Connexion Orlando in Florida, is seen in this file photo.

The recent national crisis and racial tension have underscored that America seems more divided than ever. On the one hand, President Obama believes that our differences are just being exposed. On the other hand a few of us feel that the President and Attorney General Holder exacerbated the race problem.

Joshua's Battles Point to Victory Over Sin

dan delzell opinion page

You probably know that "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho." These words from the popular children's song describe a remarkable event when "the walls came tumbling down." But did you know that Joshua's battles point to the victory which every Christian can experience over sin? We glean spiritual insights as we consider the land which God's people came to possess after Jericho.

A Tribute to the Woman Who 'Was Not'

Wallace Henley Portrait

As we celebrate the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, and remember the horror and glory of Selma, I wish to pay tribute to a person whose existence was unheralded in those dark times, but whose influence upon me was mighty.

A Caution for Believers in 2015

new year\'s

My intent here is not to debate the use of alcohol or to discuss the curse on Canaan. Instead, my goal is help us consider the consequences of one act of sin. Think about these conclusions from this story.

10 Distractions Regarding Worship Music

Worship leaders appear on stage during the Hillsong Conference held Oct. 16-18, 2014, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Let me be honest about my qualifications up front, though: I am not a musician or singer; I am a church consultant only reporting what our teams have found in more than 15 years of consulting. It is not my intent to be judgmental or offensive. I have utmost respect for those who lead us in worship. With those caveats in mind, here are ten distractions we've encountered in the music element of worship.

Duke University Should Have Never Made the Muslim Prayer Decision

Pastor Rick McDaniel

The uproar over the decision by Duke University to begin a weekly Muslim call to prayer from the campus chapel should have never happened. Never. How such a decision was ever made to begin with is mystifying to say the least. That no one spoke up to say it was a bad idea is just plain irresponsible. I feel strongly about this issue because this is my school we're talking about. I am a proud alumnus of Duke and I hate to see the University hurt by such poor leadership.

'I am Charlie' vs. 'I am Jew'

Michael Brown

As opposed to the massive, worldwide show of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo journalists who were murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris this month, there was no such show of solidarity when four religious Jews were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists as they prayed in their synagogue in Jerusalem last November. Why?

Was It Necessary for Jesus to Die?

dan delzell opinion page

Was the sacrificial system of the Old Testament merely a misguided attempt to appease man's Creator? And when Jesus arrived on the scene, did His Father have any interest in His Son becoming a "sacrifice" for sins? Or was that concept simply an outdated approach which had no real bearing upon God's love and His acceptance of man?

'I am a Racist'

Ken Andrews

As a 53 year old, and having lived in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama early in life, I've lived long enough to remember things from my childhood that sowed racism into my life. Thank goodness that since those years in the 1960's, much has changed all over the country.

The Cure for the Insecure

Joyce Meyer

I once heard a story about a little boy named Johnny who was visiting his grandparents. Johnny had just received his first slingshot and practiced in the woods nearby, but just couldn't hit a target. When he came back to his grandma's backyard, he noticed her pet duck. On an impulse he took aim and shot a rock. The stone hit – and killed – the duck. Of course, he panicked. His sister saw the whole thing, but said nothing.

The No. 1 Threat to Marriage and 6 Ways to Be a Hero at Home

Kenny Luck

You might be surprised to know that I don't think the No. 1 threat to marriage is infidelity. Of course, cheating can certainly cause divorce and make it extremely difficult to recover a healthy marriage. And, yes, I agree women can be highly tempting, but they are merely accomplices—because the hunger for power, money, fame and success can also consume a man and wreck a marriage.


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japan isis hostage
(Photo: Reuters/Yuya Shino)

Japanese Hostage Apparently Killed; ISIS Demands Prisoner Swap for the Other Hostage

A video purports to show the killing of one of the two Japanese hostages by ISIS in Syria after Tokyo failed to pay a ransom, even as the terror group now demands the release of an Iraqi woman jailed in Jordan for her role in a 2005 bombing in exchange for the other Japanese captive.


ted cruz
(Photo: Reuters/Jim Young)

Iowa Freedom Summit: Ted Cruz Pushes 'Reigniting the Miracle of America' Theme; Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina Take Shots at Hillary Clinton

At least nine potential Republican presidential contenders gathered – and five did not – at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines Saturday, the unofficial kickoff of the race to win the Iowa caucuses, but no clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination emerged.

perry noble
(Photo: NewSpring Church)

Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Rebuked by South Carolina Baptists for Calling 10 Commandments '10 Promises'

Perry Noble, pastor of a South Carolina megachurch, was rebuked by a Southern Baptist leader in South Carolina for calling the 10 Commandments "10 promises" and for other "problematic positions and statements."

Christian Leaders Matt Chandler, Russell Moore Fed Up With GOP Decision to Hold Off on Mid-Term Abortion Ban


Church and ministry leaders join forces with conservative political groups the morning of the 42nd annual March for Life to publicly rebuke House Republicans for its last-minute decision to delay the vote on a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Church leaders, unlike policy groups, are seemly not appeased by GOP's decision to switch support to another pro-life bill that would ensure taxpayer dollars aren't going to abortion providers under health insurance plans offered on the federal exchange.

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak introduces Jeremy Lin during a press conference at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California, Thursday, July 24, 2014
(Photo: Reuters/Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

Jeremy Lin Reveals Why He Would Want to Be Biblical Character Samson

Jeremy Lin recently decided to participate in a funny question-and-answer session with Facebook fans but still managed to answer some faith-based questions.

Preachers' Daughters Exclusive: Lifetime Show Focuses On Missions Trips, Bolder Stories in New Season

Preachers\' Daughters

The daughters of church leaders will do more than just find ways to rebel against their parents in the third season of Lifetime's hit docu-series "Preachers' Daughters." Now, the show is taking viewers on a missions trip to Cabo, Mexico where preachers' daughters and granddaughters will help change the lives of the less fortunate while overcoming their own issues with anger, substance abuse, rebelling and dating while strengthening their relationships with God.

(Photo: Reuters/David Moir)

World's Oldest Bible Scripture? Scientists Claim 1st Century Gospel of Mark Found in Ancient Mummy's Mask

A team of scientists and scholars claim to have discovered the world's earliest-known version of the gospel, dating back to the first century A.D., which was found on a sheet of papyrus used to make an ancient mummy's mask in Egypt.

Shane Idleman preach
(Photo: Westside Christian Fellowship)

Calif. Pastor: I Had an Abortion; I'm 'Haunted' Daily by Impossible Dream of Hearing Aborted Baby Say 'Daddy'

A California pastor and two Christian men reveal ahead of March for Life week that one or more of their babies were aborted in a recent video, with the pastor saying the dream of seeing his aborted baby's first step and hear it call him "daddy" "haunts" him every day.