Kevin Shrum

CP Exclusive

An Open Letter to my LBGT Friends and Neighbors

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on June 26, 2015 has changed everything and nothing for Christians. For churches that have already capitulated on this issue the matter is settled. For Christians who oppose the issue, the matter is far from settled — it's only just begun.

Indiana's Religious Freedom Law: A Dead Conscience Is a Danger We Must Resist

The uproar over Indiana's religious freedom law pits the individual conscience against the "public ethic," with the word bigotry thrown in for added intensity. But in leaving no room for religious convictions, as critics of the law would have it, are we heading toward demanding that people's conscience be restrained or killed if they step outside of their home?

3 Options for Engaging Culture for Jesus

In addition to the front-line issues facing Christians these days there is a behind-the-scenes argument taking place within the Christian community that is acute and probing: How are we to engage culture from a decidedly Christian worldview? The argument is often heated and divisive. It is an argument worth having.

The Truth About Post-Christian America

How does one live as a Christian in an era where same-sex marriage is now the norm, where homosexuality is openly celebrated, where hypocrisy in the church is consistently exposed, where atheism is not just an alternative intellectual option, but a hostile enemy, where Christianity is viewed as the enemy and not the founder and friend of America, and where the "spiritual shallowness" of many Christians, especially evangelical Christians, is being exposed for what it is - an Americanized version of cultural Christianity that is not authentic, genuine, or biblically orthodox?

5 Questions Every Person Must Answer, Including the Religious 'Nones'

These questions are but five of a whole host of questions any belief system must ask and answer. The concerning thing about modern-day atheism is not its existence, but its shallowness. Again, atheism is not new. But one gets the sense that the atheism of the current day is not dealing with the great questions of life and death honestly and forthrightly; rather the new atheism seems to be the yearning for humanity to be totally free from any temporal, external, objective, or eternal explanations, restraints or accountability.

The Only Time Jesus Ever Failed

How does one communicate to the world the truth and nature of biblical marriage in a way that would cause them to re-think their views on marriage without sounding archaic in tone or uninformed in scope? Biblical marriage is the bonding of one man and one woman in a committed, covenant, loving, union for the mutual fulfillment and completeness of both persons, for the procreation and raising of children, and for the stabilization and sustenance of a civil society (Gen. 1:26-31).

Are Christians Trouble-Makers

In both subtle and blatant ways, Christianity is slowly being isolated and marginalized in the public square. Where it once was welcomed, the Christianity is now an increasingly unwelcome voice, a world-view now viewed as strange and obstructive.

On Mission for Jesus

Question: Are you on mission for Jesus? Or, are you a mission of Jesus? Too many Christians are willing to receive ministry, but all too few are willing to give themselves away in ministry.

Exploding the 'Myth of Culture'

The "myth of culture" needs to be exploded if the gospel is to penetrate the culture. Scratch the surface of what we call "culture" and you will find beneath the surface that all people everywhere desire the same things

Christians are Atheists

Let's begin with an outlandish claim: Christians are atheists. We want to add to the new generation of atheists that have arrived on the scene

Immanuel: Gift or Gift-Giver?

I've been rethinking this whole Christmas thing, again. So, here's my question, when the Bible uses the term "Immanuel" is it referring to Jesus as the gift of Christmas or to the gifts that He brings to us as Savior?

Freedom's Vanishing Act

By definition, and contrary to popular opinion, freedom is not the freedom to do as one pleases without regard for self or others.

American Exceptionalism and the Common Man

America is an exceptional nation. One would be hard pressed to find another nation in history that has been as productive, creative, progressive, wealthy, benevolent, equitable, and, yes, blessed as these United States of America.

Are We a Generation of Flakes?

If I could combine the creative and stylistic energies of this generation with the duty-bound, tough-mindedness of previous generations, a person would be produced that would be less flaky, but also less rigid than your average American.