Matt Moore

CP Guest Columnist

Self-Denial Is Not Self-Hatred

Jesus doesn't hand out Get Out Of Hell Free passes — he hands out crosses. He warned it would not be those who merely profess his lordship over their lives that inherit the Kingdom of heaven.

Why Did Paul Boast About His Suffering?

It makes sense that Paul would quit asking God to uproot this form of frailty from his life after God clearly said he would do no such thing. But why did he go so far as to begin boasting in it?

When Christians Cynically Criticize the Church

The unbelieving world has always looked upon the church with a contemptuous glare, harshly criticizing, ridiculing, and even vilifying her. In his farewell discourse, Jesus predicted this animosity that the devil's offspring (John 6:32) would have toward God's sojourning children (John 15:18-25).

Christ Died to Make You a Biblical Thinker

I've noticed that some Christians tend to minimize the role of the mind in the life of faith. I understand that these folks want to avoid "over-intellectualizing" walking with God and point people instead to the supernatural power available to them in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Why I'm an Accidental Calvinist

Oh, Calvinism — I don't know if any doctrinal system has ignited more faith-feuds than this. Relationships have been fractured and churches have been split because believing men and women have allowed differing perspectives of God's sovereignty to arouse the vilest parts of their sinful natures.

Satan Wants to Shut You Up

Satan knows he will be ultimately defeated. However, as every Christian is experientially aware, this knowledge has not deterred him from his malicious endeavors.