Matt Moore

CP Guest Columnist

Christ Died to Make You a Biblical Thinker

I've noticed that some Christians tend to minimize the role of the mind in the life of faith. I understand that these folks want to avoid "over-intellectualizing" walking with God and point people instead to the supernatural power available to them in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Why I'm an Accidental Calvinist

Oh, Calvinism — I don't know if any doctrinal system has ignited more faith-feuds than this. Relationships have been fractured and churches have been split because believing men and women have allowed differing perspectives of God's sovereignty to arouse the vilest parts of their sinful natures.

Satan Wants to Shut You Up

Satan knows he will be ultimately defeated. However, as every Christian is experientially aware, this knowledge has not deterred him from his malicious endeavors.

How Do I Revive My Childlike Faith?

I didn't know diddlysquat when I became a Christian. I had attended church sporadically during my childhood, but I paid no attention to the then-to-me boring verbiage that poured forth from the pulpit.

A Must Read Book for All Who Wish to Abide in Christ

I can't tell you how many theologicalish books I have started and never finished (almost every one I own — don't judge). Recently, though, I got my hands on one I couldn't put down. Andrew Murray's Abide in Christ is a treasure chest full of spiritually-revitalizing wisdom.

Secret Sin Will Devour You

I am convinced that sin takes its most vigorous and incapacitating form as it festers in secrecy. When a Christian shields his sins from others and outwardly portrays himself to be more whole and stable than he truly is — this Christian is in the direst of predicaments.

That Time I Was Almost Kicked Out of My Church

Church discipline tends to get a bad rap. Pastors and congregations that practice it or even move toward practicing it are often vilified as unloving, "religious" posers who misrepresent the tender and compassionate Christ.

Will Jesus Always Be Enough For Me?

Every person reading this article has had trouble in their life, does have trouble in their life, and will have trouble in their life. Though the intensity of it varies from season to season, difficulty, unfortunately, is an inescapable aspect of living in a cursed world.

I Finally Discovered the Source of My Anxiety

A close relative once told me, "Matt, you've always been a worrier. Even when you were a child — the one time in life when you shouldn't have a care in the world — you always seemed on edge or troubled about something. I have never been able to wrap my mind around it!"