Napp Nazworth

Christian Post Reporter

Republicans, Reporters Ask About FBI Investigation Into IRS After Obama Claims 'Not Even a Smidgen of Corruption'

There was "not even a smidgen of corruption" at the Internal Revenue Service, President Barack Obama said Sunday regarding the scandal involving the targeting of conservative groups. If that is true, reporters and Republican members of Congress are asking, why is there an ongoing FBI investigation into the scandal? And why is the FBI refusing to provide Congress details of its investigation?

Interview: Ralph Reed Talks About Mobilizing Christian Right Voters and the Republican Civil War

The political mobilization of social conservative voters is far more extensive today than it was during the 1990s when the Christian Right helped the Republican Party take control of Congress, Ralph Reed, founder and chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, told The Christian Post in a recent interview. Reed also spoke about new fundraising efforts among social conservative groups and the Republican "civil war."

MSNBC 'Hitting on All 8 Cylinders of Intolerance,' RNC Chair Says After Tweet Accusing Republicans of Racism

Republicans had begun a boycott of MSNBC Thursday night after the company posted a tweet accusing Republicans of racism in relation to a biracial couple. The boycott ended only hours later after MSNBC President Phil Griffin personally apologized. On Friday morning, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus said MSNBC was on "probation" because it has been "hitting on all eight cylinders of intolerance."