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Public Prayer Case: Will Supreme Court Go Big or Small?

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday for Town of Greece vs. Galloway, a case addressing the constitutionality of sectarian prayers at a town board meeting. Experts agree that the Court will rule in favor of the public prayers, but how it decides the case could be more significant.

Birth Control Mandate Is Unlawful, Federal Court Rules

The Affordable Care Act's, or "Obamacare's," birth control mandate "trammels the right of free exercise" of religion for an individual, a U.S. federal appeals court ruled Friday. But, the court did not rule, as other courts have in similar cases, that for-profit companies are protected by the Free Exercise clause. The decision's inconsistency with other court decisions on the birth control mandate increases the likelihood that the Supreme Court will have to weigh in on the debate.

Christians Need to Get Their Hands Dirty, Theologian Jordan Ballor Says

While Christians may view themselves as simply travelers in this world, on a path to a greater destination, they should not be passive travelers, theologian Jordan Ballor says. To avoid the "twin errors of materialism and spiritualism" Christians need to mix it up with the "dirtiness" of this world, he argues in "Get Your Hands Dirty: Essays on Christian Social Thought (And Action)."

Roe vs Wade Decided Without Factual Evidence, Author Finds

Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion, was decided without any case record of facts or evidence. This is just one of the findings of Clarke D. Forsythe in Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, the most thorough account of the Roe decision since the release of most of the justice's court papers for the case.

Analysis: 3 Common Core Myths

Where did the Common Core State Standards Initiative come from? What is the debate over Common Core really about? Some of the media coverage of these issues may lead to some misimpressions about the Common Core. Here are three common Common Core myths:

Obama: 'Obamacare' Not Just a Website, Here's a 1-800 Number

President Barack Obama acknowledged in a Monday speech that the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare," health care insurance exchange website,, has issues far more serious than a few "glitches." The ACA is not just a website, he reminded, and encouraged those seeking insurance on the exchanges to either call 1-800-318-2596, go to a community center, or mail in their application.

Huckabee Suggests Ted Cruz, Like-Minded Republicans Are Destroying the GOP

In a critique of certain Tea Party activists, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Huckabee complained Saturday that Republicans who claim that those who disagree with their tactics are not devoted to conservative principles, are hurting the Republican Party. "Legalism — not liberalism is dividing the GOP," he said on Fox News' "Huckabee."

Feminists Ignore Biology, Dissident Feminist Camille Paglia Argues

Self-described "dissident feminist" Camille Paglia recently took feminists and women's studies programs to task for failing to acknowledge biological gender differences. She also criticized the American education system for failing to recognize the unique needs of boys and girls, and suggested there could be a conservative backlash against the cultural message that gender is socially, rather than biologically, constructed.